Monday, March 3, 2014

Double Your (my?) Pleasure

Shame on me for taking so long to respond to Rachel and Caroline separately nominating me for the Liebster Award. I think I will remain eligible for this award for as long as I blog because you will never see a thousand (or even hundreds of) followers to my name, and I'm cool with that. I like responding to a smaller number of blogs and developing what I feel are really worthwhile friendships (even if most of you live too far away. BOO.) Hey, that's why I chose a small college over a large university.

Anyway, the quick rundown of the award:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you. 2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you. 3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions. 4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you. 5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

 (I'm rebelling and not choosing 11 people because I have a difficult time choosing favorites.)

Since two ladies nominated me and that totals 22 questions, I will pick and choose from the questions they asked. 22 feels like homework, and I have a lot of papers left to grade!

Rachel's Questions 
1). What is your style or look? I took several "what's your style quizzes," and the verdict is in: my "style" is classic, colorful, and comfortable. However, I realized I am best described by my go-to silhouettes and items that complement me.
Go-to Look:
        * skinny pants/skirt + 
           tucked in shirt/blouse + 
           belt + 
 What looks "good" on me:
        * skinny pants look better with boyfriend/longer cardigans
        * flare leg jeans look better with blazers 
        * flats look better with A-line skirts
        * heels look better with pencil skirts 
        * all pants and skirts look better/more polished with a belt
2). Rachel asked who my favorite designer is, but I guess I can answer Caroline's question better:
"Where do you find yourself shopping the most?" I am not even sure what qualifies as "designer" wear; is that sad? I just know the following stores are my first stops: Old Navy, Gap, LOFT, The Limited, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Francesca's, and DSW. I do like J.Crew and its Factory (only recently and only on super sale). I guess Franco Sarto is a shoe designer because I love his stuff that winds up at Marshall's. Some of my favorite shoes, like these boots, are by him.

3). Greatest fashion tip you want to share with the blogosphere? Seriously, figure out what silhouettes/items of clothing look best on you and use it as a "formula" for getting dressed on particularly rough mornings. Note: I must pick out my outfits in advance because I am such a TROLL in the mornings. My poor husband.

4). Tea or coffee? Absolutely tea. Preferably Earl Gray. Coffee meets acid reflux leads to ultimate gastrointestinal disaster.
5). If you had to meet one person who had died again who would it be? I do not want to "meet" anyone. I just want to spend more time with Mom Mom, my maternal grandmother. Years later and I still miss her so much.
6). What article of clothing do you love the most? The most comfortable ones. Really, what answer were you expecting from me?
7). What is your faith background? Originally, I wasn't going to answer this question, but let me be honest with you. I have been baptized three times by three different Christian sects. I joke that I am "clean" wherever I go, but I am much like Pi Patel, ambiguously religious but privately faithful. 

Caroline's Questions 

8) What do you like to do when you aren't blogging? Watch Netflix with Jeff (currently absorbed by House of Cards), go to this awesome fully gluten-free restaurant near our apartment, and browse stores when almost no one is there. (I find it so peaceful.)
9) Do you have a favorite outfit memory? I met Jeff in a club. My friend and I were dancing on stage. Okay, that sounds HORRIBLE. No, we were not dancing for money. (Of course, I'm not knocking anyone who does.) Let me clarify. The club had a makeshift "stage" in front of the DJ boot. Only girls were allowed up there. My friend and I hopped up there in an effort to escape the creepy mccreepersons on the dance floor. However, I saw Jeff from across the smoky bar. Yes, cheesy. Yes, true. I was wearing a light blue/black polka dot shirt and white pants. I was sporting my naturally curly hair. The fact that he'll never forget that outfit is what makes me happiest. Duh.
10) Why did you start your blog? I teach English, and I love fashion. Why not combine what I write with what I wear? 
 11) Which season is your favorite for fashion & beauty purposes? Fall or spring because of their tepid temperatures. I can still wear layers without feeling like a sherpa or sweating like a man. I do not particularly enjoy the allergies that accompany both seasons, but with this severe sinus infection lasting the ENTIRE winter season? I guess the "allergies" during fall and spring aren't so bad. 
Feel free to answer these questions, too :)


  1. It was so fun to read your answers to these questions! Congrats on the big win!!

  2. This is the first time you've been nominated?? Someone nominated me a few months ago but I couldn't find 10 new bloggers who hadn't already been nominated. I thought for SURE you'd have already answered the questions. I had answered all the questions but stopped when I couldn't find 10 unnominated people. I loved reading your answers!

    Earl grey was my favorite tea for many years but now I'm an English Breakfast kind of girl. Either that, or my favorite Rooibos Chai from Teavana. Yum!

    I can't get into House of Cards. We started watching a few episodes and just didn't get sucked in. Maybe we should try again?

    I find the story of how you and Jeff met hilarious. I just can't picture you in a club or dancing on stage. Now that you're a teacher, I bet your worst fear would be the same situation occurring but just when you're getting into it you hear, "Mrs Wo.?"

  3. I loved reading these and getting to know you better. I have done this several times. I agree with you, sometimes it is better being a smaller blog, because of the more personal relationships you create with other (few) bloggers.

    I absolutely love Earl Gray. I would choose Tea over Coffee too (usually and before having my daughter). But now a lot of times I choose coffee cause I need something strongfor my lack of sleep and to keep up with her cause she is the energizer bunny - bless her heart. =)

  4. I loved reading more about you! That outfit memory is too cute. I chose a small college too, and have always been about having a small group of close friends over a large group of acquaintances, so having a small blog is perfect for me =) Also, woot! Team Tea.

  5. Thank you for your responses.They were fun to read. Rachel xo

  6. K, I'm answering your questions in this comment. Be prepared for a long-ass comment.

    1.) What is your style or look? I think I tend to dress fairly classic and comfortable as well. I like both feminine and masculine pieces, lots of neutrals, lace and stripes, a-line skirts and dresses, and flats/boots instead of heels. I try to dress what feels comfortable on my body and what flatters my shape.

    2.) Where do you find yourself shopping the most? For sure, Old Navy, Target, and Goodwill. I have a dinky budget and since I like to switch things up in my closet a lot, I don't love spending a ton on what I buy. I'm starting to feel a little bit of a shift, though, and I'd like to start getting some slightly higher-quality pieces.

    3.) Greatest fashion tip you want to share with the blogosphere? Plan ahead! I always plan my outfits a week in advance (with some options for changes in my daily plans or the weather), and it helps so much! I never stand in front of my closet for an hour in the morning feeling like I have nothing to wear anymore. It's liberating!

    4.) Tea or coffee? I'm a huuuge chai tea and iced tea fan. LOVE IT. I'm with Danielle: coffee = acid reflux to me. Plus, my body hates caffeine.

    5.) If you had to meet one person who had died again who would it be? Tough question! I wish I could have met my dad's grandma. My family tells lots of stories about her, and she sounds like the most wonderful, delightful, resilient person.

    6.) What article of clothing do you love the most? Oh goodness...I'm going to be kind of boring and say my white swiss dot henley/popover! It's such a perfect piece to wear on its own, to layer with, to accessorize, etc.

    7.) What is your faith background? I grew up in the ELCA Lutheran church, but I currently don't practice/believe in anything. I'm really interested in learning about other religions (I even minored in Religion in college), though, and I enjoy talking to other people about their journeys. I do still go to church with my family sometimes, mostly to sing on the worship team and see friends (my family has been extremely connected in the church I grew up at). I just really enjoy the community and music aspect of the church I grew up at :)

    8.) What do you like to do when you aren't blogging? I love playing games, wrestling with my dogs, watching Netflix with Kevin (we're fluctuating between An Idiot Abroad and Parks & Recreation right now), sing, and hang out with my girlfriends.

    9.) Do you have a favorite outfit memory? Yes! I remember what I was wearing both the first time Kevin and I smooched (a green ruffley t-shirt dress- it's way cuter than it sounds), and the first time we saw a movie together, when we were just friends (a brown lacey dress). He doesn't remember the green dress, but he will never forget the brown lacey one. For years, he couldn't stop talking about how I wore it when we went to see The Dark Knight and how he loved how my legs looked in it, hahaha. Boys.

    10.) Why did you start your blog? I had read blogs obsessively for 2-3 years, and was always curious about what it would be like. I also was always bummed that there weren't many bloggers out there that looked like me (aka thicker), and I wanted to contribute a body type that isn't super represented in the blog world.

    11.) Which season is your favorite for fashion and beauty purposes? Fall for sure - I like the mild temperatures, the fact that I can layer comfortably, and my skin hasn't gotten super dry yet. My freckles are still out from the summer, and my hair has usually been lightened nicely by the sun. I like the temperatures and layering factor in spring, but I dislike how things are all slushy and gross in spring - I'm desperate for flats in the spring, but usually it's too wet for flats :(



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