Sunday, March 2, 2014

Style Swap

Shout out to my girl, Brynn, for providing me inspiration that I so pitifully lacked on Saturday as I sluggishly prepared to leave the apartment. I really liked the colors of Brynn's outfit, so I wore my lime green cardigan again. I guess this little blog-a-roo has shown me a thing or two, particularly which items in my closet happen to rank above the rest. Who would've thought a lime green cardigan could be so versatile? I certainly did not.

I realize that these pictures might deceive you into thinking my pants are black. In fact, they are a dark blue jean, and they feel like soft puppy ears. (Come on, you know what I mean, right?) 

Two things before you hang out with my outfit shamelessly copied from Brynn:

1. I think we need to institute a new rule on Facebook/social media: do not tell your "friends" that everyone in your house has "the vomits." I have a pretty legitimate, intense fear of throw up (used to be so bad that just hearing the word made my stomach churn and send me into a terrible shaking fit), so I would greatly appreciate not hearing about how frequently and violently the members of your household are losing their cookies. (Yes, part of the reason I chose to teach high school was because of the better control of bodily functions. Granted, my second year of teaching was accompanied by a puker in my room. I taught outside for a week. Not kidding.)

2. If you want to bring forth a greater possibility of a snow day, then just book the computer lab and plan out the week. Mother Nature will say poo poo to you. Oh well, I have one more day to procrastinate grading. I mean...

The Look:
Cardigan: Target
Blouse: New York and Co.
Belt: Target
Jeans: American Eagle (they're technically jeggings, but I agree with Brynn that the word "jeggings" is stupid.)
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's several years ago
Airplane Necklace: gift from Momma (it's Lauren Conrad...go figure)

I've also worn the cardigan these ways...


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  1. Cute outfit! I agree that blogging has helped me see what I really wear. I need a big ole closet clean out *again* and looking through my blog helps me with that.

  2. Cute outfit! I'm with you on a snow day, there's nothing like having plans that are difficult to change to cause a snow day.

  3. I just love that yellow cardigan! It's so much more versatile than I would have thought!

  4. Great outfit! I have a lime-ish green cardigan that I haven't worn in awhile. I wish it was just a big brighter. Maybe I should pull it out and try to wear it soon!

    And I 100% agree about your Facebook rule. I'm generally of the opinion that no one needs to know the specifics of any illness, unless they are expected to care for the sick person, or were recently in close contact. Just say you have a stomach bug, and I don't need details!

  5. Best jeans ever right? They do look black in photos. Maybe I should take advantage of that but I try to be different and wear colored pants. I just have so many to choose from now that I get overwhelmed. What have I done??

    I never would have even looked twice at a lime cardigan but the outfits you create with it look great! That last one is one of my favorites.

  6. Love this outfit! The cardigan is great! :) I'm also not a fan of vomit, working in a school doesn't mix well with that! Hopefully you get back to school soon! :)

  7. Who posts about vomit?! That's disgusting, and borderline inappropriate. Ah, who are we kidding, it actually is inappropriate. (Or am I just sensitive?) Anyway, I like the lime and black. I have a really neon-y lime cardigan that I can't imagine pairing with black, but if you and Brynn have successfully done it, I feel like I could, too. The way you style this cardigan is perfection.

    Random question: why do you say "Lauren Conrad... go figure" to the necklace?

  8. Thank you! I don't like the word jeggings. I'm not even sure the fashion industry can quite decide what are jeggings or not. I've got a few pairs of jeans labeled as jeggings and just, no. They are jeans. And this weather. Even with all the snow and cancelled days, I still get annoyed when they say we will get 6-10 inches of snow and then we get a dusting. I REALLY thought we'd have a delay this morning. Boo. I really like this outfit though! And that dress in the last photo, swwoooooon!

  9. Fabulous! I love the pop of yellow!! Thanks for linking up with the Style Swap

  10. Yay! Our matching outfits!! Love it.

    Also, I'm 100% with you on puke. I canNOT handle it. I have the same reaction as you - I remember during my first year in college, there was a girl on my floor who kept throwing up (turns out she was pregnant - whoops!), and I refused to use the bathroom on my floor for weeks because I was so afraid of hearing her vom and/or catching it. And recently, my mom was struck with a stomach bug on the days that I was supposed to be staying at their house (I stay with them when I'm at my high school internship), so I refused to stay at their house for two weeks. I still don't keep my toothbrush in the bathroom because I'm worried about germs. I'm aware that my aversion to vomit is irrational and out of control, hahaha.


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