Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olive Pink & Puppies

Once a week, I need to satisfy your desire to see more of my parents' puppies. This little guy is Sammy. Sammy enjoys burrowing into crotches, sleeping on heads, and eating food off of my dad's pant leg. Nothing beats visiting my parents' house on the weekend. They feed me delicious food, they offer satisfying conversation, they house two of the cutest dude pups (I clearly house the cutest lady pups), and they help me forget the mounds of essays I need to grade. 

These wedges were $20 at Nine West! What? Crazy talk. Additionally, I took a little trip to Old Navy today in hopes of scoring a pair of $10 flats. None of them appealed to me; however, I scooped up a spring sweater and necklace. Would you like to know how much I paid for those two items? Yes, yes, you do. FIVE BUCKS. No, your eyes do not deceive you. I paid FIVE dollars for a sweater and a necklace. Even the cashier said that was the best deal she's seen...ever. I don't play sports, but I'm a winner.

The Look:
Vest: Forever 21 (very similar from Nordstrom)
Top: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's (Santa Momma gave it to me! exact)
Pants: White House Black Market (at least three years old--similar from Old Navy)
Shoes: Nine West (similar)
Necklace: Lauren Conrad from Momma (very similar)

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  1. Very cute!!!! Love that outfit!!! What an awesome deal you got!

  2. Ok can I just say again how nice you look in light colors?? Blush especially just makes your whole face glow. Then when paired with white?? Wow, just wow. You are looking quite marvelous today Danielle. Plus, the puppies don't hurt either :)

    Ok those shoes. I went to an outlet mall in Northern California last weekend when I was visiting and stopped by the Nine West store. OMG did I want everything. I even saw the same wedges you're wearing after trying on an exact dupe at Kohl's the day before that didn't fit. I LOVE those wedges. I'm so glad you were able to score a pair. The pair in the store I was in were not made very well because the seams were crooked on every pair :/ I love that grey/taupe-y color. I bet they're comfy too huh? Great find!

    1. OH, and what constitutes an outfit as nautical? All I can think of are anchors and navy/white.

  3. I agree with Lauren, you look lovely in pastels. When you were talking about your awesome deals at Old Navy I thought it was the Sweater & Necklace you were wearing today, cause they are so gorgeous and then I read your Outfit Details. Nice Wedges too. Ohhh and nice puppies, too. LOL

  4. I know what my blog is missing - puppies! I will just have to go visit my friends who have cute dogs and sneakily take outfit photos with them as my co-stars. This is a great idea!

  5. You are literally making me want to go to Old Navy right now. No, not go. Run.

  6. I love the idea of pairing a military vest with pink. You're such a smarty pants. Speaking of pants, has anyone ever told you how white your pants are? Especially for being 3 years old. You go girl. (I actually don't like that phrase.)

  7. Sammy is possibly one THE cutest pups I have ever seen... and that means a lot coming from a very obsessed doggy momma. Other than your AMAZING deal, I think Old Navy did you good by not liking any of the flats. I think most of ON's flats are uncomfortable. I love your color combo here. Pink and green go so well together!

  8. SAMMY!!! He is so, so cute! His little nose and eyes and fuzzy face - I can't handle it! (I have to chill out about dogs, really...)

    I am so into the color combination of your outfit today. Pink and olive look so wonderful together, and I like how you kept the outfit light with your white pants, as well. And once again, Danielle is killin' it.

  9. So, I totally realize that this puppy is an adorable dude, but he has not distracted me from this amazing outfit! I could start telling you my favorite parts, but it would just be every single thing.


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