Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Un-Anything

Today, I divided my sophomores into two teams to play Jeopardy. I named one team "the window" and the other "the wall." Yes, every time a question bounced to the other side, I said, "from the windooooow to the waaaall." I think Lil John would be proud of how I used his lyrics in my classroom, don't you?

My juniors are preparing for their mock interviews this week. I gave them a pep talk today. Here are some of my pearls of wisdom:
* Do not tickle the palm of your interviewer's hand when you shake it.
* Maintain eye contact, but remember what Mom says: it's not polite to stare. In fact, it's creepy.
* Ladies, do not wear bodycon skirts. They make you look like someone wrapped a hot dog in Saran wrap. It's not a good look.
* If you suffer from clammy hand syndrome, slyly wipe your hands on your back/hip/leg before shaking hands.

My wit keeps them coming back, ladies and gentlemen.

And so do my outfits.

Today's Trendy Tuesday theme is "un-anything: unzipped, unbuttoned, untucked. Just not undressed." 
Might be my favorite theme yet because it's so creative! See what happens when you let guys choose themes? Surprisingly wonderful.

The Look:
Shirt (untucked): LOFT (I got it for $5! I AM AMAZING. Another striped, without sparkles, one from Forever 21)
Jacket (unbuttoned): Old Navy (exact)
Pants (fear not, they're not unzipped): Express via thredUP 
Flats: Steve Madden via DSW 
Earrings: Target (similar on Etsy)

I really didn't need another striped shirt, but this one was FIVE dollars, and it has sparkles. Can you judge me for saying yes instead of no? 

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  1. Haha I laughed so hard about the interview tips. I work with college students and they DEFINITELY need to hear these (especially the bodycon thing). Love it.

    Love those mustard pants!

  2. I love this look on you. Very glad you said yes to the top.

  3. So this outfit is pretty darn amazing! Love the jeans and the top.

  4. Did your students have any idea what song you were singing? And were you very careful not to sing the next lyrics??

  5. Definitely can't judge you there! I'm so happy to see you wearing your mustard pants again. Those are one of my favorites, fur sure.

    As I was reading the side names, I read them in Lil Jon's voice and then laughed when I saw you did that on purpose. I wish I could have had you as my English teacher if I was like 6 years younger...

  6. Love this outfit! I need to find me some mustard pants, you pull them off nicely! Did your students know you were referencing Lil Jon? Because that would have been even better! :)

  7. Thanks a lot, now all I have in my head is the lyric that follows the one you provided. I don't want to type that particular word here. But you know what comes next. And I'm wondering if your students are old enough to know as well? Anyway. you gave them some pretty decent advice. I would add, "don't text during your interview. don't even bring your phone. if you do, make sure it's on silent so your interviewer doesn't here some terrible song that they're going to judge you for." I know if I were to interview someone and I heard their ring tone (and ended up hiring them), I would never let them live it down. And then I'd call them "landslide" or "t-money" for ever and for always.

  8. So, I went to the annual winter formal dance at my college sophomore year, and when "Get Low" came on, my friends were all blown away that I knew all the words to the song...because most of the music that I listened to at the time was either Disney, 90s boy bands, or Broadway show tunes (I'm so cool). Also, when Kev found out that I know all the words to that song, he started laughing at me. I get REALLY into "Get Low" and it's impossible for me to not dance crazy while rapping the whole time. Seriously, I'm so strange.

    Also, I love your outfit. I had kind of given up on wanting a pair of mustard or yellow jeans, but seeing this outfit, I'm kind of reconsidering...


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