Friday, March 28, 2014

Rock and Roll

If we handed out awards for best Trendy Tuesday attire, one of the women in my department would have won this week for "Un-Anything." She wore pigtails (unattractive), an untucked flannel shirt, and carried around a fake cigarette (unprofessional). She killed it this week, so I told her to pick next week's theme. I like them more and more every week. Next week's theme is ROCK AND ROLL.

In honor of next week's theme, I'm showing you one of my recent (and most favorite) weekend outfits featuring some distressed ROCKSTAR jeans (how appropriate), which I consider very rock and roll. Yes, let those good times roll.

If you're at all curious what kind of e-mails I send to my colleagues about Trendy Tuesday, here is next week's:

Good afternoon, 

I know you look forward to this e-mail every week. Do not try to deny it. 

If we handed out awards for best dressed on Trendy Tuesdays, [insert colleague's name here] would have won this week. As a result, I told her that her "prize" was to pick next week's theme, and she's got a good one for us: Rock and Roll. 

Maybe some leather? Maybe some buckles? Maybe some killer boots? Maybe dig out that Rolling Stones tee? Maybe some distressed jeans? Maybe just all black? Limitless options, folks. 

[Insert Music Tech teacher's name here], I'm counting on you for this one. Yes, I expect greatness. Maybe even a song. 

Stay stylish, fellow Hillions (see what I did there?),

(FYI, blogland: The word Hill is in our school name.)

The Look:
The jacket: I found it at my parents' house. One of my brother's previous girlfriends (he's been married for 4 years) left it, and now it's MINE. However, I would like a nicer replacement.
The jeans: Old Navy Rockstars (these are so smooth; I want to pet them every day. Buy here.)
The necklace: Old Navy for $2.50! I win. (similar)
The top: LOFT (gift from Mrs. Santa Claus--similar)
The wedges: J.Crew Factory (exact)

I bought these wedges based on Fran's review, and I love love love them. I score them on a 50% off sale at J.Crew Factory. I might have to get the black ones when another sale comes along because I love them so much. 

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I wore these wedges in a fancy way, too:

I wore the leather jacket this way, too:


  1. I love your rock and roll look. Also, unfortunately you missed the memo, last Friday was the final week for the style swap link up. Sorry :(

  2. Rock and roll, so fun! And a free-to-you leather jacket, you can't beat that. I have a pair of rockstar jeans that I am IN LOVE with, though they are still turning my fingers blue because they are such a dark wash!

  3. I am so happy that you linked up today so I could find you!! I am loving that rocker look! I have been eyeballing those J Crew shoes too! I may have to pick up a pair of those! They will go with everything!! I am looking forward to seeing more of your blog! I hope you do skin care posts because your skin is flawless! Susan

  4. Cute top, cute necklace, cute you. I realize now that "cute" isn't very rock 'n' roll-y, but rocks are hard, and rolls are soft. And yummy. Especially with butter. Some people like theirs with honey. I don't. But I do like Winnie the Pooh, and Pooh Bear likes honey. Winnie the Pooh is objectively cute. So if my math is correct, rock and roll is cute.

    1. Hahahahaha, oh my gosh Kate! You just made me laugh out loud!

  5. Rock on! You're not the first blogger I read to sing the praises of the Old Navy Rockstar jeans. I've never tried them (right now my go-tos have been the LC Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohls). But those seem to be fitting weirdly lately. Perhaps it is time for a change... I think you've convinced me to visit Old Navy!

  6. Danielle! You are such a hottie! I love how you look in this edgier rock-and-roll're a lucky lady that your brother's old girlfriend was the same size as brother has only dated suuuper skinny girls, and I'm obviously not, so sharing clothing with them is just not in the cards for me, haha.

    I love the look of rock-and-roll-inspired outfits, but I always wonder that I'll look like I'm trying too hard if I give it a shot. Maybe I just need to try it out and see for myself! You've inspired me :)

    Also, tell me all about these wedges. (I wrote "wedgies" the first time I typed that, and then laughed out loud at myself.) Are they comfortable? I'm not a heels wearer at all, but I think I can get into wedges...convince me!

  7. I love your rock star look! It looks like so much fun :) I love the way you topped it off with an orange necklace, too.

  8. What a fun theme!! Tomorrow I'm set to share my March Purchases (I'm a bit ashamed of last month's shopping...) so I won't be participating this week. I would do something for work but something about a work uniform polo just ruins the vibe.

    This outfit looks so great on you. Seriously loving those jeans. The fit reminds me of the Holy Grail hi-rise jeggings from AE. Glad to see those wedges are working out!

  9. Yeah, you do look like a rock star in this! I'll have to give my brother a hard time that his girlfriends never left cool clothing items for me to steal! Seriously, what's the point of having a brother???

  10. This outfit is pretty much perfect. The necklace just completes it for me.


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