Monday, March 17, 2014

Lily Pad(dy)'s Day

Indulge me and tell me how witty I am for thinking of such a brilliant title for this post. For those of you who do not know, I live in Maryland. If you don't know anything about Annapolis, the capital of our lovely state, then let me tell you how much Lily Pulitzer everyone who's "so Annapolis" wears. A lot. One of their favorite color combinations? Pink and green, a combination I wore on the blog just last week. (Of course, I chose blush and olive versus the bright pink and kelly green of this week's look, but the idea is the same.)

In January, Kimmie wore this outfit, and it inspired me to wear my green skirt with pink. Of course, I envisioned my green skirt that's the same shade as hers, but I realized I wanted this brighter color pairing because it makes me happy when snow and cold weather make me sad. I originally planned for a navy cardigan, but I wanted more warmth, which required a blazer.

One of my friends hosts a pretty popular podcast about Lost Girl. (If you've never watched the series, you are missing out!) Today, he asked me if I wanted to partake in what he calls "Take Fives," which he refers to as "mini rants to fill in the gaps" when he hasn't recorded in awhile. He wants me to discuss the fashion of Lost Girl in five minute segments. Now, THAT is my kind of contribution! How fun, right? 

In fact, I think that would be a fun little installment here on the blog. We can call it, "Let's talk about ______" and fill in the blank with an actress or character, like Daenerys from Game of Thrones (that platinum blonde hair and those braids could make anything hot. And dragons? Hello? Double hotness.) Or Claire Dunphy from Modern Family (shout out to flannels and well-fitting jeans). Or Bernadette from Big Bang Theory (love her signature look, cardigan + dress + tights).  Maybe I can even sport outfits inspired by the character/actress of the hour. What do we think? About whom should we speak? Any favorite characters or actresses?

Also, tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday theme is NAUTICAL OR KNOT. (The cleverness is all my colleague's, not mine.) The tagline, however, is mine: stripes will suffice.

The Look:
Shirt: Forever 21 (OLD) (similar)
Belt: Dude's section at Target! (similar)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Blazer: LOFT via thredUP (similar)
Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW (similar)
Elephant necklace (my favorite animal!): Lauren Conrad but Momma got it for me :)
Sunglasses: gift from Momma (she got 'em at LOFT)

I decided to include two outtakes for your viewing pleasure.
The first features me looking as if the F word will escape my lips at any moment.

My lips are so pretty.
And so are my hands.
And so are my awkwardly positioned feet.

 (I might look like a goon, but no one will be pinching me today!)

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  1. Love this! The green and pink are a cute combo, and the skirt and blazer are just excellent pieces alone.

  2. Hee hee! Your outtakes crack me up! This is sooooo cute! We are kinda twins today since I am wearing green jeans and a hot pink sweater on the blog. You need to link up this super adorable outfit for green week!

  3. I really like the bright color combo and I think it'll be so cute with ballast flats this summer too :)

  4. When I was a kid pink and green were my favorite colors. Strangely enough I haven't really worn them together in adulthood but I really like the combination. And Kimmie is a great choice to inspire :)

  5. okay, I have never heard of Lilly Pulitzer. Apparently that trend hasn't made it to the middle of the country yet. Anyway, I love this outfit! Is that the J.Crew factory skirt? I wanted to buy one this weekend when they were having the extra 50% off, but they didn't have my size in the store. And I couldn't decided between tan, navy, or green. And your outtakes (as always) make me smile!

  6. When I think of green and pink, I think of a more pastel combination of the two, which then reminds me of high school prep for some reason. While your outfit could be a representation of that, it's a bit more grown up than the high school polos and trouser pants. Plus, high school kids would never post pictures with those silly faces ;)

  7. I too think of Green+Pink when I think of Lily. I love your version way better. It's brighter and more fun. Great blazer and skirt. Though I do not watch any of those shows (used to "Modern Family") I would enjoy this series. It would be filled with your usual dose of fun, wit and sarcasm of course.

    Love the Nautical theme, too. =)

  8. It looks like you are putting your J. Crew gift card to good use! I tried on that skirt today, but it looked terrible on me. Maybe I should have tried belting it, or sizing up? Mah. Oh well. I'll also shamefully admit that I used to love Miley Cyrus' wardrobe when she was on Hannah Montana. I also enjoy the outfits from the girls on Pretty Little Liars. (This is what happens when 20-somes aren't the stars of TV shows, and when they are, they're usually dressed in lounge wear or club wear.) Is that even what your question was? I'm incredibly confused right now. Sorry.

  9. I just love how well pink and green go together :)

  10. I second Kate- let's talk about Pretty Little Liars. I am obsessed. Ok, maybe not obsessed. Is it bad that when I read "Let's talk about..." that I started singing in my head (only in my head because I'm at work) "Let's talk about sex, bay-bee. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk abouuuut sex." Yepp. Anyways, I love that skirt on you. I've seen so many other bloggers wear it, but it looks best on you because you're so petite!


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