Monday, March 24, 2014

Casual Date Night Look

Today's look is pretty much a shameless copy of this one. (Funny story: Kate sent me this look almost an hour after I pinned it. Girlfriend knows me well. If only we could meet all of our blog friends in real life, right?) I opted for cobalt shoes because cobalt is usually the best answer, regardless of the question. I think I've finally mastered "work to weekend" looks. I think. Of course, now that I've figured them out for the winter time, spring will be here, and my weekend wardrobe will befuddle me once again. Anyway, I can add this one to the weekend line up. 

Yes, all of you were right. I loved Frozen. Then again, how could I not?

Oh, our media specialist chose tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday theme (after I annoyed him for several days). I knew he'd pick a good one, and it is! The theme? "Un-Anything: Unzipped, Unbuttoned, Untucked. Just not undressed." Clever, right? See, dudes are fashionably creative, too. 

(Today's look would qualify, but I have another one lined up for tomorrow.) 

The Look:
Flannel: J.Crew (I found it on super sale because that's how I roll. Similar at Target)
Coated Skinny Pants: The Limited (again, on super sale. Similar)
Tee: Target 
Wedges: via Kohl's (Cobalt heels. Cobalt flats.)
Scarf: Made by Momma

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  1. We are having our state assessments this week and then we are having a school-wide movie Friday afternoon. I'm really hoping it's Frozen so I can finally see it! This is a super cute look, love the wedges!

  2. Your cobalt shoes are hot but you know I am after that plaid shirt, mostly. LOL

    Happy Monday!!

  3. I'm 100% with you on cobalt being the answer to everything. It just looks good with every other color! Also, you should check out the Honest Trailer for Frozen on YouTube. It's pretty hilarious!

  4. Um, how are awesome are those shoes!? I would probably wear them with every outfit ever.

    And I love your co-workers' fashion category idea!

  5. Yay! Love your date night outfit! Great blend of casual and sassy...Love those pants & shoes! I blog about things to DO on date nights, but I'll definitely have to come back here to check out what to WEAR for date nights! :-) Yay! Here's a date night blog post I just did if you want to check it out! Cheers! Kelli

  6. Sexy mama (doggy mama)! I actually saw some jeans like this at the goodwill the other day, and thought "meh, what would I do with those?" I know! Where are those sunglasses from? My face needs them. I went to rent frozen Sunday night on redbox and they were all rented. :/

  7. Yay! Glad to have you back in blogland! I love that flannel so much. The colors are just so fun and vibrant and match perfectly with those amazing wedges. I wore cobalt flats in my post today but they cut off the circulation in my toes so I won't be able to keep them unfortunately.

    Buuuut, I did order two pair of those Old Navy olive skinny pants to try the sizing. Let's be real, it was to get free shipping. Let's see how they work out! I really need to see Frozen. Maybe this weekend when I go visit my parents again.

  8. Okay, those pants look amazing on you. They remind me of "naughty Sandy" at the end of Grease. FOXY. Also, I'm so glad you like Frozen! I just danced around our apartment serenading my dogs and Kevin to the soundtrack...because, apparently, I'm 6-years-old on the inside.


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