Thursday, March 27, 2014

Show Stoppers

I decided that if a stranger walks up to me, compliments something I'm wearing, and asks where I bought it, then whatever I'm wearing is a winner. Today's winner is these shoes. Jeff and I went to the market this past weekend, and a lady stopped me in the aisle to ogle my shoes. When we were walking the streets of downtown, a lady said nothing but stared so hard at my shoes that I feared for her forehead because she was a few steps from Mr. Magooing a tree. These flats are show stoppers. They're comfortable. They add a nice pop of color to otherwise neutral outfits. And I love them. I think you need a pair. I wear a 8.5, and they're true to size for me.

Oh, and my juniors' interviews went pretty well yesterday. One student said, "I was expecting it to be a waste of time, but it really wasn't." In teenager speak, that's the highest of compliments. If you can prove their expectations wrong, then you have won the war on apathy. 

So, yesterday you saw that I found my perfect leopard print top. For quite some time, I've been hunting high and low for a floral top (silk, with or without sleeves, smaller flowers, enough colors to match a lot of things, looks good tucked or untucked), and I keep coming up with nothing. I'm not spending $80 on a floral shirt. That's just highway robbery I will not condone. I looked at H&M, LOFT, Banana Republic, The Limited, Francesca's, and most of my regular haunts. Any suggestions?

The Look:
Top: Old Navy (got this bad boy last month for $6! exact)
Jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's ($10 woot woot--similar)
Vest: American Eagle (here is a green one at Nordstrom)
Red flats: Sole Society (exact--feel free to use my referral link)

(You're welcome.)

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  1. These shoes are so fun! Glad the interviews went well too. These is nothing worse then looking high and low for a piece that shouldn't be that hard to find, quit looking and I bet it'll show up. :)

  2. Well no wonder you kept getting complimented or creepily stared at :) These flats are FANTASTIC!!


  3. Those shoes are darling! I actually love every part of this outfit. The variety of texture and color is fantastic... this is definitely a stand-out outfit! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  4. I love these flats! And we are the same size, so we should do a shoe swap (haha would that be weird?!) I've actually been looking for a floral top since last spring and have found nothing! Let me know if you have any luck.

  5. I have that same shirt in a lime-ish color, and I got it for $1 at ON! Those shoes are definitely show stoppers. Next time you wear them you should totally put on some red lips!

  6. Since I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for, all I can recommend is going to shopstyle. You can type in "floral top" and then on the left hand side, narrow it down if you have a particular shirt type in mind (short sleeve, button front, tunic, etc), and adjust it to price (since I'm guessing if you're not spending $80, you might as well eliminate the $5,000 options.) I've been using the site quite frequently lately trying to find THE floral skirt for me.

  7. Kateprs has a good idea. Shopstyle might help the most. You picked the stores I'd look in too. Have you looked to see if your girl LC had a good one? Do you want it to be all silk or just silk-like? You could try Nordstrom Rack or the clearance section of Nordstrom. Hmm. Are there any you've seen on Pinterest or on other bloggers we could use for reference as to what you like? What do you want the background color to be?

    Those shoes are just so unique and red so no wonder all the ladies be starin'. They would look amazing with a dress when it gets warmer in Maryland.

  8. Yep, you look darling in this outfit - and those shoes are so, so fun. I love the color, the style, everything! The double-necklace look is great as well. I'm going to play with some of the necklaces I have and see if I can try the look out myself. As always, I'm finding inspiration from you!!


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