Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lumberjack in a Skirt

Today, I decided to try something unusual for me. I mixed flannel and a swooshy skirt. It just felt right, and the best part? I was ridiculously comfortable all day...except when my tights gave me a wicked wedgie. I wasn't so comfortable then.

Anyway, I have a few comments to make. I know what you're thinking: when don't you have commentary to share, Danielle? This is my space (not to be confused with the antiquated social media site), so I can comment all I wish. Okay, now that that business is aside, indulge me.

1. If a person works in customer service, shouldn't that person NOT be a miserable human being? Typically, I'm an easygoing chick, but mess with Momma dukes, and I put up my dukes. The lady was so nasty that she made some rude remark as my Mom walked away. I heard her, turned around, and said, "Usually, an employee waits until the customer is out of earshot to make a rude remark." I added some acrimonious filler, which I will not share here. Ahem. Anyway, don't work in customer service if you're an a-hole. Don't they put that requirement on the application?

2. Mom complained about the nasty ladies to one of the cashiers who is always ridiculously nice to us. He has such a bright demeanor that I just want to clone him and hire his duplicates to do the job those wenches couldn't do. Anyway, he called over the manager to tell her. Well, she was certainly no cup of sunshine either. And her "top knot" looked like an alien infestation. Horrific. She chastised this employee in front of us for telling her this information in front of us. Is anyone else recognizing the irony here? Soooo, you're doing the very same thing that you're yelling at your employee for doing? 

3. I was walking past a mannequin when something caught my eye. I turned around and what did I see in between the mannequin's fingers? A DIRTY Q-TIP. For serious, people? Double eww. How filthy mcnasty can you possibly be to wedge your earwax soaked q-tip in between a poor, defenseless mannequin's fingers? Blech. 

4. This comment is completely unrelated to Kohl's. While I was driving to work, my earring backing fell out. I have NO idea how it happened, but it happened. Obviously, I did not want to take out my earrings for fear of losing them all together. My solution? Pop the eraser off of a mechanical pencil in my car and use it as a backing. It worked all day. Just call me MacGyver. 

Anyway, I tell you this information because Mom took my pictures at Kohl's. A girl has to do what a girl has to do. Mom frowned about taking my picture with the clothes in the background; I felt that you should know that information. Also, Mom made this scarf because she's sweet and talented. 

Outfit Deets:
Scarf: Handmade by Momma!
Flannel: SO brand via Kohl's (ha, go figure)--Momma got it for me for Christmas
Skirt: Banana Republic (I should have ironed it. Oops.)
Tights: The Limited
Boots: Steve Madden
Leather Coat: Wilson's Leather


  1. Great outfit! I love the colors. And aren't those boots the best?!

  2. Love the flannel and pleats! So cute!
    And I totally agree about customer service. Some of them are the worst at giving customers good service!
    Everything but Ordinary

  3. This is such a fun outfit. I love the color of the skirt!

  4. Super cute outfit. That skirt is so fun. Love the combo!

  5. I love the contrasting styles! I love mixing unexpected combinations, and can you really go wrong with plaid?



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