Monday, January 14, 2013


That's what a student (a student who wears pajamas to school almost every day of the week) told me I looked like today. How is that I wear emerald green and become a leprechaun? I wear cobalt blue, and I'm a blueberry? Does no one respect bright colors anymore!? Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Anyway, I knew it was going to be a good day as soon as I showed up at work. Would you care to know how? Well, I'll tell you whether or not you wish to find out. My co-teacher (whom I love almost as much as gluten-free carrot cake) was wearing the same color scheme. It's always a good day when we match without trying. I'd happily be twinsies with her any day of the week.

In other news, I went to the doctor today. I tried to see how many staff members I could coax into cracking a smile.

The doctor asked, "How many children?" I said, "Zero, unless you count the 140 teenagers I teach." He smirked. Win.

When the nurse was drawing my blood, I struck up conversation about the lovely wall color, which she referred to as "melted chocolate ice cream." I thought that was a pretty snazzy name. She proceeded to tell me about going to Home Depot, picking out a color, calling her husband, and telling him, "Honey, I'm bringing home a can of Wisdom." (I liked her immediately.) She told me about this pregnant couple who was searching for a baby room color. They finally settled on what she deemed an ugly, pea green. I said, "Eww. If that's what they chose for a color, I'd hate to hear what they named the kid. People come up with weird names now. I bet they named him Branch or something like that." She cackled. Win.

The front office ladies were giggling when I told them that I needed to use their bathroom to put on my tights; otherwise, a strong gust of wind might make me accidentally flash passersby. (Had I not been wearing tights when I walked in, I would have flashed the empty parking lot because my skirt grew wings and nearly flapped me in the face.)

Anyway, you're done with my rambling. I'll show you my blueberry outfit now.

I love this belt paired with this skirt. I think I won.

Outfit Deets:
Skirt: Candie's via Kohl's 
(if you want to be a hoochie, try this onepeplum onecan't go wrong with Target)
Flats: Jessica Simpson via Marshall's
Blazer: Express 
Belt: I think NY & Co.
Bow necklace: American Eagle 

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  1. That blazer is cute! And in no way do you look like a blueberry!

    Sounds like you made your doctors visit an entertaining trip!

    - Kaitlyn

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