Thursday, January 3, 2013

Striped Peplum: Two Looks

When Jeff and I visited friends in New York, we ended up at the Loft in NYC. I wonder how that happened? Oops. Anyway, I saw this top, and we fell in deep, steamy like. 
I had a small case of buyer's remorse (though Jeff bought it as a Christmas gift) because I had no idea what the crap to pair with it. I didn't want to be terribly boring, but I considered it. 
Enter my a-ha moment, and it wasn't even inspired by another blog or Pinterest.
Holy cow, I can have independent sartorial thoughts. Gasp. 
I decided that my red blazer and new necklace would do the trick.
I considered wearing my red wedges, but I decided against my natural inclination to be supremely matchy matchy. 

One of my senior aides told me that my outfit was Pinterest worthy. Be still my vain, vain heart.

Ya know, I thought my hair was too big today. It's looking a little Marge Simpson-esque. 
I felt mildly self conscious until a previous student saw me and complimented my voluminous locks. 
The best part about our encounter? She wasn't sure of the adjectival form of volume. She looked at me and said, "volum...?" I said, "voluminous?" 
"Yes! That's the word.  I didn't want to say the wrong thing. I mean, come on, you're an English teacher." Ha.ha. 

Sometimes I think documenting my outfits is silly. There are so many bigger things happening right now. I then realized that, regardless of the vanity and triviality of fashion blogging, it might just provide a little bright spot for someone else. Maybe my narratives serve as amusement. And, hey, I try to include some educational links. Ultimately, this small corner of the world offers me positivity and sanity. I see so much misery and feel so much compassion for those who are in need that A Little Bit of WoWe serves as my reprieve from the pandemonium that we call life. 
I hope your visits here help you to escape whatever might be plaguing you. 
If not, there's always this.

Anyway, on with scheduled programming.
Please excuse that unsightly excrescence on the side of the house. I'm typically much better at cropping it out of the frame.

If I wore this shirt outside of the teaching realm, I might style it like so. Like WO. 
Bahaha, I slay me. 
 Welcome to my wardrobe, you fun, red flats. 

I'm not sure why I ended with the most awkward picture of the bunch, but I felt like you'd be disappointed by just one picture of this look. Of course, you might be disappointed anyway, but such is life. Please enjoy my larger than life hair. 

Outfit Deets:

Red Blazer: Old Navy (exact)
Peplum top: Loft (exact)
Nude Pumps: Naturalizer (I like these.)
Necklace & earrings: The Limited 
Military jacket: Forever21 (lots of choices here)
Red Flats: Urban Outfitters (these from Zappos have fun sparkles)


  1. i love both styles! and I am quite envious of the red flats, I must say :)

  2. both are quite cute! =D
    Happy 2013!

  3. I have often thought about why I post outfit pics - becasue yes, it does seem trivial, and narcissistic, and quite frankly I am embarrassed when I finally break and tell someone about my blog (a lot of my friends don't even know). But that all being said, I genuinely enjoy maintaining my blog - not in a self-centered look-at-me sort of way (which is what always I assume others think), but in a I-enjoy-contributing-to-a-larger-conversation sort of way. Even if my contribution is miniscule, it is the enjoyment of seeing people's comments, reposts, etc that keeps me wanting to continue.
    I like checking in on your blog becasue I LOVE your witty narratives and anecdotes. They make me smile. Plus I get outfit inspiration too. What's better than that? :)

    1. It does seem a little embarrassing to admit to having a blog, yeah? Of course, my life is a series of embarrassing tales, so what's another notch in the bedpost? I completely agree with everything you said, except it would be narcissistic of me to agree with the last few lines.

  4. those red shoes! they need to be mine.

    and i hear you on blogging. its weird ya know, taking pictures of your outfits and then posting them and waiting for someone to comment on it. but we are allowed to have hobbies, and most hobbies are selfish, so this can be ours. and in the end, we make friends and learn how to dress ourselves better, so its better than just watching tv by our lonesome or something.


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