Sunday, January 13, 2013

Edgy Date Night

So, the husband and I actually coordinated a date night. Can you believe it? I'm always so inundated with essays, lesson plans, or whatever that I can't seem to get my crap together enough for a date night. I decided that I deserved it because I finished one of two midterms and several stacks of grading.

Anyway, I wore this get up to a pizza place with the best ambience I've ever experienced. They serve gluten free pizza to boot. We went to the market (what normal people call the grocery store) after pizza, so I switched into gold flats for more comfort. A girl has to be prepared.

Pants are Lauren Conrad via Kohl's.
(These pants feel like the feathers of a baby chick. So dang soft I want to pet my legs all night.)
Top is Rock and Republic via Kohl's.
Hat is from Target.
Booties are Mia via Boscov's.

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  1. I'm loving this outfit! Especially the tribal print on your top!

  2. cute cute! nothing better than a good date night :)
    following you! xo

  3. Very cute, hope you guys had a great date night!

  4. Okay, you are adorable girl! Loving this look!
    xo TJ


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