Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gold Cardigan

Disclaimer: These pictures are terrible. However, I liked this outfit too much not to document it for you. Unfortunately, I was at the doctor's office until 4, then CVS, then Office Depot, then Michael's. No more natural light for me when I arrived home. Oh well. You are lucky enough to see little Squirty do. 

So, as some of you may or may not know, I drive approximately one hour to work every morning. 
I hate driving, but I decided to find the silver lining and create a list of "long commute advantages."

And here you have it:

1. If you spill apple juice, tea, Gatorade, or pickle juice all over yourself, you have ample time to dry out. (I can't say much for the leftover stickiness or smelliness though.)

2. You have time to do everything but shower (unless you consider a wipe down with Wet Ones a shower). Not that you curl your eyelashes or apply your concealer in the car. Absolutely not, Mr. Officer.

3. You can listen to an entire CD. (Do people still listen to those?) You might even be able to listen to an entire Stephen King novel on CD.

4. Who needs to charge his or her phone at night when it can fully charge during the morning car ride? 

5. You have ample time to ponder the meaning of life...and sneaker wedges. I'm still pondering that one.

6. You can mentally plan all of your outfits for the week...and your meals...and your life. If you're a teacher who didn't have enough time to pull together the day's materials, you have an hour to mentally plan your lessons for the day. 

7. If you're lucky, you can gaze at the pretty scenery.

8. If you collect roadkill, you have a long time to find some. 

9. You can practice multiple ways to flip someone off without actually flipping him or her off. 

10. You can scout all of the places you'd like to live if you had enough money to actually live near work. (Okay, this one isn't an advantage. It just makes me sad.)

And there you have my list. Feel free to leave a comment with some of your own.
As for today's outfit, my most fashionable male student (whose shirt was the color of my pants) told me that I should have paired my leopard print belt with this outfit. Now that I think about it, I do believe he was onto something there. 

I think this outfit is one that looks better in person than in pictures. 
You can kind of tell in this picture that this cardigan is metallic. 
I couldn't find a gold blazer, so I settled for this stand in.

I love this dog. She's so stinking cute.

Outfit Deets:
Top & Necklace: NY & Co (similar topsimilar top #2, love this pale blush one)
Cardigan: Old Navy (exact--it doesn't look metallic on their site unless you zoom in)
Pants: H&M (similar pair from Target)
Heels: Aerosoles via Marshall's  (these are $130 but a smaller heel, cute Target pair for less)
Watch: Timex 

That's all, folks. 

Happily linked up with The Pleated Poppy today :)


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog-you're so sweet! I laughed at your list, I used to drive an hour each way to work, it was aweful!



  2. You're outfit is adorable! Love the gold paired with the dark red. Your list made me laugh, I used to drive and hour each way as well. There was always a lot of construction and I would sometimes sneak in a few pages of whatever book I was reading... so not safe, but safe enough in construction?! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Sometimes, I grade papers when I'm sitting on four wheels yet going nowhere. I mean, I think about grading papers?


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