Friday, January 4, 2013

Blue Lace Dress & Floral Blazer

Would you like to know the trick to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair day? 
Make your outfit so cute that no one will even notice your hair. Voila. 
I woke up and my hair looked like those babies from that Pampers commercial.
Except that I didn't look cute. At all.
I desperately tried the sock bun. No dice. 
As a result, I ended up with this little nubbin' on my head. 
I know you think it looks funny, but I'm sorry for not being graced with thick, luscious locks that whip into a bun worthy of the best ballerina.

Anyway, I wish you could see how cute these booties really are. (Again, my apologies to my friend, Amy, who hates booties.) I'm surprised none of my female students stole them off of my feet. 
One of my students walked into fifth period and said, "I heard about your outfit today. It really is cute." My students are talking about my clothes when they're not in my class?
Why can't they talk about that awesome poem we read? 
Who am I kidding? My vanity loves the attention.
And only English teachers like that poem.
And the kid who sits in the front.

Another student (a male), who is incredibly stylish in his own right, said my blazer would "look sweet" if it were the lining of a man's suit jacket and the chest pocket. Cool idea, kid. 

Today was a success. I think I pulled together a warm, professional, fun outfit, and I feel like my students actually understood today's poem. (If you have to teach poetry, I really love the TPCASTT strategy.) We also played my game of makeshift vocabulary basketball, which was a good time. Until my students with horrible aim accidentally pelted me with the Nerf ball. Bad form, freshmen, bad form. 

 Meet my first attempt at an artsy shot. How did I do?

This picture made me laugh. My face is the result of my feeling uncomfortable. 
My neighbor was totally peeking out of the window while I took some of these shots.

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Kohl's (not sure what brand, but here's one with long sleeves at Mango; this one at ModCloth is really adorable, too and a bit longer than the Mango dress)
Blazer: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (exact)
Belt: Gift from my awesome sister-in-law (who also got me a mint scarf)--I believe it's from NY& Co.
Booties: Mia via Boscov's (exact)

Just so that you can see my pretty booties, here's a picture from the Boscov's website:

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  1. I love your entire look....every single piece you put together made the look so chic!!! Hope you could drop by my blog soon....see you around dear!


    1. Rebecca, I actually did when I saw your feature on Ani's blog :) I love your hair and all of your outfits!


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