Friday, January 11, 2013

Navy & Mustard

Allow me to start by saying this:
 Hello, friend. 
It's rainin' cats and dogs out there. That's how I got this cute little Squirty!
Anyway, I took today's pictures indoors because I don't like dancing in the rain. 
No matter how cool that song is. 
(I hope it's stuck in your head now.)

Please meet the scarf that my mom made for me. My co-teacher was freezing all day, but I was all cozy in my handmade scarf. So far, she's crocheted a gray one, a burgundy one, a hunter green one, and this gorgeous mustard one. They're all different types, and I love them! My Momma dukes is one talented lady. Hi, Mom! 

Navy and mustard (or any combination of blue and yellow, really) always go together, right?
This outfit isn't particularly exciting, but it's a pretty good casual Friday look, no?

I'm not wearing lipstick. It's called "my lips are so chapped that they've turned a lovely shade of a drugstore lipstick." I wish the pretty shade was not accompanied by the feeling that my lips are on fire. Also, you might be amused to know that I am typing while wearing latex gloves. My conversation with Jeff went something like this:

Me: Can I have some Gold Bond? My hands are reeeeally chapped. So are my lips. Ughhh. Ahhhh.

Jeff: It would help if you put on the lotion and then put on some latex gloves.

Me: Okay.

My hands started to get unbearably hot, so I took off only one glove (kind of like the "I'm super hot under these fifteen blankets, so I'll just dangle one of my legs outside of the covers. That'll fix the problem.") So, I'm typing while wearing one latex glove. I'm so cool.  

Anyway, my brain is fried by writing midterms, grading stacks of essays, and teaching teenagers (also known as playing whack-a-mole.) I have nothing more for you.

Oh, here are the outfit deets:
Top: Really old (I unearthed it recently.)
Cardigan & Jeans: Express
Flats: Amazon
Belt: Target
Scarf: Handmade by Momma dukes :)
(I'd link to all of these things, but they're common enough that I feel like linking to them is unnecessary. I'm also feeling lazy. And Jeff just turned on Ice Age. Goodbye, productivity.)

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  1. I absolutely love mustard for colder weather! You look great



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