Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Professional Plaid Pants

I've been wearing primarily sweatpants for the past four days, so my mind said "uh, whaaa?" when I told it to find an outfit for work today. Confused, I stood for fifteen minutes in my closet because something was complicating my conundrum: it was supposed to be so polar bear cold that the wet wipes in my car would freeze into a block of ice (actually happened). I needed layers. Work appropriate layers. 

I thought about adding a pop of color, but I decided against it. I wanted to be white, black, and gray. 

Hey, my coat has color. 

I slept on this hair. Jealous? I thought so. 

Please tell me that the dogs make you laugh. I didn't crop them out of the picture for this very reason. 

Outfit Deets:
Blazer: NY & Co. (gray blazer)
Sweater: Old Navy (old being the key word)--(similar)
Pants: Express (old)--(more subtle ones)
Wedges: Me Too via DSW --(I love these booties)
Coat: Miss Sixty via Marshall's (last year or something)

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  1. What? You slept on that hair? I am SUPER jealous. I also love that you paired those pants with a light grey blazer

    1. See, had I created those curls, I would've looked like Medusa by the next morning. I solely credit the hairstylist. Why can I never get my hair to look as good as it does when a professional styles it? Well, I guess that's why I'm not a hair stylist.

  2. my favorite color combo! [yes, i realize i'm a lame-o!]

    also, i agree with laura, if that's your slept on hair, then i'm jealous too. mine looks like that scene from "there's something about mary", [you know, THAT scene, with the "hair gel"]. it's great.


    1. Hahahaha, this comment made me laugh out loud. I love that part of the movie.

      And, you're not lame-o. You're classic! ;)


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