Thursday, February 6, 2014

All You Need is a Change of Shoes.

These stacks of writing assignments do not grade themselves (THE NERVE), so this post will remain word-light and picture-heavy. 

The Look:
Sweater: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's (gift from Momma Santa)
Pants: Exact Stretch skinny from The Limited
Heels: Old Aerosoles via Marshall's
Necklace: Sonoma via Kohl's (clearance section...obviously)
Leather Jacket: via Wilson's leather outlet on Black Friday two years ago (it was like 80% off. BOOM.)
(The boots in the pictures at the bottom are Steve Madden.)

Mom told me to act naturally and hold my hair. Sorry, Mom. 
I excel at giving directions but not so much at taking them.

(I'm not really showing off my heels. I just want you to know how pale I am.)

In case you need some comic relief. Here I am, folks. 

And if you won't laugh at me, I will laugh at myself. 

Not sure what's happening with my toes or fists, but my face?

If your pale feet leave you feeling ashamed or too much white fluff covers the ground, opt for boots.
Do your hands hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? 
Do they get confused and not know where to go?

So, which outfit are you feeling? The leopard heels or the boots?

Also, my brain must not be entirely creative because I wore a very similar outfit not long ago...
Hey, when it works, it works. 

Oh, and prepare yourself for the furry cuteness coming your way tomorrow! :)


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  1. Oh it totally works! And can I interject about how awesome Aerosoles are? Why don't ALL shoes just put that extra cushion in the bottom?

  2. I love it all! Pinning yourself totally counts :) You look like you were having a good time taking your photos. Thanks for linking up today. Heather

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself, you look adorable. I love this look with both the heels and the boots, you were right about being excited about this week's looks, you're killing it :)

  4. i love the boots AND the heels! mostly i just love that orange sweater!

  5. Ok so I am super jealous and in love with your leopard heels. The fact that they're Aerosoles to boot just make me even more sad for not having them in my shoe pile at the bottom of my closet. That being said, I actually like the boots better with this outfit! Maybe it's the leather jacket making it all matchy matchy. Plus with that snow on the ground, I would not be brave enough to have any part of my feet showing. Call me a California wuss.

  6. Love both of the shoes with this outfit.. and I love the outfit previously worn! :)

  7. I love how completely different this outfit looks with just a change of shoes. I can't even decide which I like better! Also, you're just frickin' adorable in all these pictures, and your hair looks great like that. :)

  8. I love the heels with the orange sweater, but the boots make more sense to me with my cold weather temps... Too funny about the similar outfits...

  9. Orange is seriously such a pretty color on you! And you totally made me laugh about pale feet hahah, I've never thought of that before!

  10. This is a great look
    I love the color combo

  11. I LOVE the look with the heels!! No one would notice your complexion on your feet (is it still called complexion if it's feet?). The colors and leopard together are perfect. This is a look I am going to try to recreate. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  12. I really like it with the heels! I was shocked to see just how pale my feet are the other day! When did that happen?! Exact stretch pants are just the best, aren't they :)

  13. You = TOO DAMN CUTE. I love your laughing photos!

    Also, this jacket is precisely what I'm looking for. I'm determined to find myself a cognac leather jacket, if it's the last thing I do!!!

    Oh, and pale skin for the win. Always.


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