Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I pinned that ish and I did that ish.

Okay, I'd say I'm a total weirdo for having a Color Combinations board on Pinterest, but I guess my 275 followers would have to disagree. It is no secret that I love color, and it inspires me. When I browse blogs I like, I pay close attention to the colors of outfits. What do I have that works within the palette that so immediately caught my eye? This pin in particular made me realize two things: one, my favorite color is blue, which I will probably change next week; two, I would like a shorter camel-colored cardigan.

When I went into Banana Republic to return an online order recently, the very well-dressed salesman and I had a nice little chat about how much we love the color blue. He exclaimed, "I know! I love blue. I especially love blue and brown together. One day, I wore black instead of brown, and it just didn't feel right." I think I made a best friend for life. It's a good thing his place of employment is a quick jaunt down the street. (Okay, a quick jaunt in a car, but that's no matter.)

I hope you're in love with this color combination as much as I am. YES, I am obsessed with cobalt blue. Since my Mom takes my pictures, I usually go to her house for the pictures. When I walked upstairs in this outfit, Dad's first response was, "I really like the color of that dress." Good taste, Daddy dearest, good taste.

The Look:
Dress: via Kohl's
Belt & Scarf: Francesca's
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tights: The Limited
Booties: Nine West via Piperlime

Can we talk about these boots for a hot second? I loved them at first internet site. (I kill myself with the pun there.) I found them on Piperlime, but they're no longer there. However, here they are for FORTY-ONE DOLLARS. Go get you a pair. (Of boots...not the other thing.)

Aaaaand because I like to make you smile, please enjoy my large, cheesy smile.
And disappearing eyes.

Funny student moment of the day:
Me: He so kindly offered to bequeath you two pages of the messenger's character so that you can read.
Student: Bequeef? 
Me: Oh my, no, not bequeef. That's a different beast entirely.

...aaaaand then we all proceeded to wet our pants laughing.

Let's end this post the right way with some other inspiration for your camel-colored cardigan.
1. With a maxi skirt
2. In a neutral outfit
3. Over a plaid shirt

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  1. Fun color combo here and the things you can say with high schoolers, oh my!

  2. I'm pretty sure you've convinced me that I NEED that caridgan now. Especially since I have a red gingham shirt now and everything else to make that outfit. And (sorry I like to start sentences with and! :X) I would so wear this exact outfit. Actually now that I think of it, It resembles of a few of my lace dress outfits put together. Haha.

  3. My comment just disappeared when I hit "publish" - blogger fail! Anyway, it was basically just saying "Yes, cobalt is awesome! This dress is pretty and it looks great with leopard and camel!"

  4. Hahaha! I'm dying laughing at your students remark! Oh I love teaching! My mom takes my blog pictures too :) I love this outfit so much!! Cobalt blue is perfection! Looks amazing on you! :)

  5. I never thought I really loved blue. It was just a color that was good and that I wore (no real attachment, as you can tell) but it's becoming more noticeable to me now, especially in bold shades. This dress is pretty much amazing, the boots too =) Side story: I've been in a mood all evening because I botched dinner so badly it was inedible, but your conversation with your student totally made me laugh out loud!

  6. You look fab in blue. Also, I don't know why, but your outfit screams "tease" to me. Not in that way. Sorry. I mean in the "spring is almost here... but it's not! psyche!... but seriously, it's almost here!!" ... don't hate because I can't get my message across. I swear, you would laugh if I said this to you face-to-face. Or I'd just divert and talk about how your student said queef. bahaha.

  7. Your dad was right. That's a great dress! The color combo of blue and brown is gorgeous, I don't think I combine the two enough.
    I know what you mean about a shorter cardigan. I only have solid boyfriend cardigans and I'm not a big fan of the length. More things for the thrifting list...

  8. Love your Color Combinations board on Pinterest. I think color can knock an outfit out of the park, so to speak! I keep a color combo list hanging in my walkin closet... Did not come up with peach and red, but I will look at that tonight. Clever girl, you!

  9. STOPIT. You are so lovely, I can't even handle it! I'll be pinning this and recreating it as soon as I can. Also, I used to have a color inspiration board on Pinterest, but I completely redid my boards over winter break and I merged it into a different board...but I totally get what you mean about being inspired by colors so much!

    Also, your student thought you said something about a queef...and that's hilarious. Queef might be one of my favorite words. I can't help but giggle when I hear it.


  10. Love that blue dress. So cute!


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