Thursday, February 20, 2014

If you need a laugh, please meet my face.

On more than one occasion, my students have told me that I should be a stand-up comedian. While I appreciate their kindness, I do not know how fruitful that would be seeing as how only teenagers, an understandably not-so-wealthy lot of humans, would fill the gymnasium. (I say gymnasium because, if I'm being honest with myself, I know that's the best venue I could score.) Of course, I might make just as much.

Other times, while the class quietly works and I charge forth in my daily battle with technology that hates me or begin reading a shamefully, crappily written essay, at least one student's gaze lands on my countenance. I hear muffled giggles, look up, and find one student nudging another and pointing to me. I know something is not on my face because I've checked it in Photo Booth before--what!? Don't you judge me. I say, "what? Can I help you?" And they usually admit that my facial expression elicited their laughter. I can't help having an expressive face. When a student says something outlandishly INSANE, my face tells the story that my words cannot...since I like my job and prefer to keep it. All I've got left is my face. I now know not to ask "what?" I just say, "is my face showing my thoughts again?"

I tell you this story because today's set of pictures features a series of absolute ridiculousness. Fret not. Some of the images are pinnable.

I'll start with the normal ones.

The Look:
Cardigan: Target (a comfy and similar looking one at Asos)
White shirt: Target
Scarf: Gift from husband :) (it's from Asos--similar)
Pants: Exact Stretch Skinny from The Limited (same)
Shoes: TWENTY dollars at DSW (down from $100+) Boom. (similar)

You absolutely needed a close up of this gorgeous scarf.

Here's where shit gets weird. Forgive my language.
Just be glad I usually censor my mouth (er, fingers?) on the blog.

A ballet move?

I was trying to break that stupid thread in my butt pockets.
Mom documented it. Thanks, Mom.

Aaaaaaaaand my personal favorite:
Seriously, I shouldn't be laughing so hard at myself because it's just pathetic, but how can I not?
I look like I'm pooping, but the thread-fighting battle continues. 

I'm sorry for the people who wind up here from a link up, 
but here I am. I hope I amused you during your stay.



  1. This made me chuckle! What fun is life without goofy faces?? I'm a recent follower of your blog and love your style! I have nominated you for the Liebster award! Please check it out on my Thursday 2/20/2014 post!
    — Caroline at

  2. I love how comfident you are in sharing your "outtakes" this outfit is adorable.

  3. Oh stop it, you look adorable. I don't think I have said it, but I love the wit you write with (that rhymed). I have read many of your early posts too and you crack me up. This Outfit is all kinds of colorful and beautiful. I want your scarf and gold flats, ASAP!!

    I gave you and your Trendy Tuesday a shot-out on my blog, in my post yesterday. What are you waiting for? Check it out! LOL

  4. haha ohhhh that last picture! Like you are trying to shove something down your pants? I have a super expressive face too, I really can't hide what I'm thinking and I know I offend people sometimes because my face reacts with however I feel even when I don't say anything, oops! Oh, and this outfit is awesome, the scarf is gorgeous and the cardigan is a great color. Seeing the Limited pants on you, I'm thinking that the long size actually may have fit, I just prefer them to be a bit longer. Mystery solved!

  5. bahaha! This is awesome! I get told that I make crazy faces all the time. I always think I should try to hide my real feelings, but I can't help it! Oh, and cute outfit!

  6. That scarf is amazing!!! I love it!

  7. At least you're not in a downright dump pose. That would be embarrassing. I love these pants on you. And your outtakes. Can't decide which one I love more. Keep 'em both coming :)

  8. Hahaha! You crack me up! I love this outfit and that scarf so cute!!! Those flats were a steal!!!! :)

  9. Your pictures are hilarious! That last one especially. And your students sound like they sure know how to brighten your day with their funny sayings. I'm sure they make your days go by faster.
    Those pants are just so flattering on you! The slimmer fit make them look more dressy than jeans but just as easy to style. I may to try on a pair next time I'm by a Limited store... Oh, and Jeff has amazing taste in scarves. Give him a high five for me. It's gorgeous.

  10. BAHAHA! Before I even read your captions on these pictures, I totally thought you looked like you were pooping in that last photo - I'm seriously giggling right now! I can relate with the expressive face thing, too - you can read my thoughts and emotions alllll over my face, haha. I LOVE this outfit on you - the colors are gorgeous (way to go, Jeff!!), and those pants are fantastic.

  11. How in the world were those shoes so cheap???

  12. Love how the shoes and belt match also like the scarf!

  13. Such cute pictures (I love the close up portrait!) and such a cute outfit. So cheery in the midst of the snow; I especially love your scarf.


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