Monday, February 3, 2014

Awkward Hands, Please Stop Being Awkward.

How am I nearing 30 and still struggling with where to put my hands when someone takes a photograph of me? Throw someone into a photo with me, and, sure, I got ya covered. Stand me in the frame alone, and I have jazz hands that move all willy-nilly. Mom scolded me for looking like I had clenched fists in some of the photos she took for this week's posts. Mom, where do I put my hands? Don't you know it's really hard to contain all of this awkward brimming at the surface when I pose for a photo?

She told me to look natural with my hands in my hair. If my hand is in my hair, and I'm being "natural,"  it's probably accompanied by a gruff grumble and an unflattering wink because those damn flyways won't stop creeping into my eyeball. That pose does not a cute photo make. I could put my hands on my hips, but sometimes that feels too sassy despite my being quite the sassy broad. I could put them in my pockets, but then I look handless in some photos. I could let them dangle, but then I run the risk of looking like a primate because I have pretty long arms.

Clearly, I need to do some research on this matter.

Out of all of this week's looks, I think this one was Mom's favorite. These pants feel like pajamas, and she must have known that. Because if Mom values anything sartorially, it's comfort. I am most definitely my mother's daughter.

Note: I couldn't pick a favorite from this week if I tried because I love every single outfit, and I don't usually say that about what I've picked out for the week. I have lots of layers, outfit formulas, and prints coming your way.

The Look:
Shirt: Express (here's a polka dot shirt from Forever 21)
Cardigan: Old Navy (exact--I like how Brynn and Inge have worn the same one!)
Pants: Express (exact--absolutely worth the money)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW (best boots EVER)
Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (another cute elephant necklace by Lauren Conrad)

I bought them last year, so they're not online. Sorry :(

Ignore my hands.

I cut out my "clenched" hands in this photo. You're welcome. 

(I tried belting the pants, but it looked weird. I preferred the untucked shirt here.)

This "formula" (boyfriend cardigan + untucked shirt + skinny pants + boots) has worked for me before:

Tomorrow, I'm wearing an outfit that Danielle over at Goodwillista picked out for me based on clothes she knew were in my closet. I'm going to be honest: it might be one of my very favorite looks ever! Will you link up for Style Swap with Ginny and Jenn this week? (You absolutely should.)

OH OH! Tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday theme is Blazers and Button Ups. 
I do hope you'll join my colleagues and me in this trendy event :)

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  1. Ahh yeah hands are funny. I usually keep mine at my sides, monkey-arms be danged. I really REALLY like this polka dot top with the cardigan, and in general love all the fun prints and details in this post!

  2. I just don't give any attention to my hands:-)
    Great outfits. Blessings :-)

  3. Posing for pictures is so awkward! I pretty put my hands on my hips, but then I try to mix it up sometimes and put them in my pockets, or only one hand on the hip. I mean, America's Next Top Model hasn't called yet, so I should probably get some better moves!

  4. I'm with you on hand placement. I feel like having a handbag in the pictures helps, and pockets, definitely try to utilize those. Love these pictures and excited to see all the outfits you love this week. I wish I could join you tomorrow, but my sister and I are doing a take on post tomorrow. We'd planned today but she's doing a post for Staples and Starbucks, cool huh!

  5. Posing for pictures can definitely be awkward!! I admit that when I first started out, I went to a few of my favorite blogs to get some pointers so that I felt less weird about posing! Thanks so much for linking up with Mix it Monday this week! :)

  6. Ok, that is just not fair. Telling us about the best boots ever that aren't even available anymore. Now I want them even more!
    Anyway, I totally understand the awkward hand syndrome. If you look at my pictures, they're all the same because I only know a few poses. Putting my hands in my jacket pockets or dress pockets are great because I feel like it looks more natural. I should probably look at some pro bloggers to see how they pose and where they put their hands...

  7. Okay, Danielle, I am just catching up on blogs now, and I'm totally smiling - I wore a super similar outfit to this that you'll see on the blog this does this happen?! Too funny! I'm the same with posing for photos when other people are taking pictures...except it's not necessarily my hands that I am awkward about, it's my facial expression. I make the dumbest faces when people take my picture, and it's less than cute.


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