Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Blazers and Button Ups

My name twin, Danielle, over at Goodwillista picked out my outfit for me today. We decided that we would look through each other's closets (a.k.a blog stalk) and give the other an outfit to wear with items from her closet. Danielle suggested my black and white striped blouse, flare jeans, skinny belt, and one of my many colored blazers. Her suggestion just so happened to coincide with this week's Trendy Tuesday, blazers and button ups, at my work. (Yes, we teachers pick a theme for getting dressed every Tuesday and grab a group shot at the end of the day.) 

When I informed my fourth period about today's theme, a five-minute debate ensued. Is it a button-up or a button-down shirt? I argued that the words were interchangeable because some people button from the bottom up and others bottom from the top down. I guess you could settle for the word oxford, yes? I don't know. Does it matter which name you give to it? 

Also, I plan to link up with Ginny and Jenn for Style Swap on Friday. (Click the link to learn more about it and join in on the fun!) After all, Danielle and I were pretty much swapping styles, right? Plus, I realized this outfit must have been channeling its inner Kendi

The Look:
Jeans: J Brand via TJ Maxx (similar from Gap)
Blouse: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (similar from Gap)
Tank (under blouse): White House Black Market (exact--so worth every penny...it's the best tank I have EVER bought. It's comfortable, the right amount of spandex, and the perfect length)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW 
Blazer: LOFT via thredUP (similar from Target
Necklace: Cannot remember...at all...

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Style Swap (on Friday)

Previously, I wore the pink blazer this way:


  1. I've always called them button-downs, but I heard somewhere that a button-down is actually the kind of shirt where the collar has buttons on them, to "button down" the collar. I've tried to make the change to calling them button-ups but my brain just won't allow it. ANYWAY! I really like this outfit. Danielle did a nice job choosing items for you to wear (can I just have someone do that for me everyday?) and you can't go wrong channeling your inner Kendi! p.s. Are those kayaks?

  2. Haha, I call them button-ups and never really thought about that! Such a cute outfit though...not everyone can pull off high waisted flares (myself included!) but they look great on you!

    Jess - J's Style

  3. Love the pink and stripes, I always call them button downs....even though I'm pretty sure I start buttoning somewhere in the middle....

    1. Thanks for linking up!, I can't wait to see your style swap next week :)

  4. So I actually learned about the whole "button-down" labels recently when I was reading Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. "Button-down" actually refers to the buttons that hold the collar down. So a shirt without collar buttons is apparently just a "dress shirt."

    I used to call shirts that button "button-downs", but now that I know the collar thing, I usually call them "button-ups." But I think it is one of those things where common practice has replaced the true definition, so I should probably go back to saying "button down" because I think that's more frequently used. Either way, I'm loving the striped top with the pink blazer. I should really get a pink blazer!

  5. Yay! You look great in it! Pink is definitely your color. Can we just call you teacher Barbie? By the way, I didn't get to wear the outfit you picked out for me today because it's cold and rainy, and this girl doesn't do heels in the rain. Boo. :(

  6. Oh and my husband and I just had the same conversation about button-ups/downs last week! I say button ups. Button down sounds way more formal to me.

  7. I always call it a button up because that's the way I button it --from bottom to top, not top to bottom. Love the pink and stripes together!

  8. You look so good in pink and love your hair.

  9. Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! Now that you ask, I'm not sure if it's a button down or button up :) Love your look, the pink blazer and striped shirt is great!

    <3 Vicki

  10. Danielle picked out some great pieces! That's such a fun idea since you guys both use GCOGH, that's where I found you both I believe. The little pleats on the back of your blazer are such a nice touch. I wore my new Banana Republic burgundy one I was telling you about and I LOVE it. I felt so elegant and even got a few compliments. All inspired by you, so thanks :)

  11. Love the pop of pink! You look fantastic!!

  12. Love that look at the bottom! The neutrals with the pop of pink are great! The other outfit is great too! Love those trouser jeans! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. Oh, Kate Hudson, you're so pretty. ;)

    I love this outfit - you look fantastic in pink, and HOLY WOW YOUR HAIR. Jealous.

    1. Oh, and also, they're button ups to me, even though I button from the top down. Button down sounds way too formal and stuffy to me.

  14. good work, both Danielles! I love this pink blazer, and it's so perfect with the bold stripes! love it!!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA


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