Friday, February 7, 2014

At least puppies are cute when they whine...

Teenagers, on the other hand, are most definitely not cute when they whine. I don't know about you other teachers, but all of these snow days and late starts are making my students whiny and lazy, a combination that makes me want to smack my face against the chalkboard.

Let's run down the typical cause and effect scenarios that occur on a much-too-regular basis in my classroom.

Cause: I rearrange the desks so that they're in rows.
Effect: "WHAT!? Are we taking a test!?"

Cause: I tell students to get out a sheet of notebook paper.
Effect: "WHAT!? Are we taking a test?!"

Cause: I schedule a test one week in advance. On the day of the test, I ask students to get out a #2 pencil.
Effect: "WHAT!? Are we taking a test!?"

Cause: I tell students we're taking a test.
Effect: "WHAT!? Are we taking a test?!"

Cause: "WHAT!? Are we taking a test!?"
Effect: I smack my face against the chalkboard.

With that, I bring you to the cute portion of our show today: my parents' new puppies. Well, you get to see one of them, but they look *pretty much* the same. Meet Sammy.

The Look:
Jeggings: American Eagle high-rise 
Boots: Etienne Aigner via Macy's (old)
Vest: Under Armour (last year?) and scored it for $30 down from $120!
Sweater: Holy crap, it's from J.Crew, but I actually bought it for $7 on thredUP, hee hee.
Scarf: gift from a student :) 
Later on, I realized I must have been subconsciously inspired by this pin. Is there such a thing as pinterest amnesia? If not, there should be. 

This picture is the only full-length shot you get. We were more concerned with pictures of his cute face next to mine. 

I want to go back and play with them again. Right this second.

 (I had to show you his cute Mickey sweater!)


Yeah, he's standing on his gross, little pee pad, but he's so cute that I didn't think you would mind.

Some facts about the boys:

Sammy (featured here) and Rudy 

Sammy is 2.5 pounds in these pictures, but he has since gained a very tiny bit of weight. 
Full grown, he and his brother are supposed to weigh no more than 7 pounds.

Pure bred Yorkies (they're specifically called Parti Yorkies.)

Rudy enjoys fighting with his brother and, more recently, pooping on top of his crate, a physical feat no one yet understands.
Sammy enjoys eating hair and curling up in the crook of Mom's neck.
They both love to snuggle and nap.


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  1. Ahhh so much cuteness!! Oh man this is giving me puppy fever. Oh and yeah, middle schoolers act the same way. Even after going over the study guide with them, playing a review game, and making them write it in their student planners everyday for a week. Argh.

  2. It doesn't get much better with college students. I think you have solved your awkward hand issue - hold an adorable puppy!

  3. So funny about your students, mine do the same thing. This outfit: perfection. I love everything about it, you look adorable.

  4. That's such a pretty scarf! and yayyyyyyy for puppies!! My cause/effect goes like this:

    cause: I say, "We'll have a review session on Wednesday, but you shouldn't wait until then to start studying."
    effect: "Do we have to know everything?"
    effect 2: "Are we getting a study guide?"
    effect 3: "Are we going to review before the exam?"

    sigh. college students.

  5. 5th and 6th graders are the same way too. It must start early! :/ Love the outfit, the scarf is gorgeous! How cute is that puppy, I'm jealous! My parent's just got a new pup too, I'll have to steal your idea and take some outfit pics with her! :)

    PS, love the cause-and-effect scenario's!

  6. PUPPIES!!! Oh my gosh! His little scruffy face! I can't handle it!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, so much cuteness!! That puppy is just begging for kisses, can't say I blame you there!
    As for the outfit, you got the hi-rise AE jeggings?!?! How do you like them?? I want them in every wash, once I get more colored jeans that I actually need haha. Your students have good taste- that scarf is beaUtiful! (Yes that U is supposed to be capitalized).


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