Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Parent-Teacher Conferences Outfit

This Friday, Ginny and Jenn will run another Style Swap link up (learn more here). This week, several ladies and I are hosting a red & pink themed link up (join any day you wish!) 
Both link ups helped find inspiration for this look. 

You see, today and tomorrow (weather permitting), I have parent-teacher conferences, so I wanted to be especially dressy. Sometimes, I wear pants for conferences and, more often, I wear skirts. To find inspiration, I sought out Kate's blog because girlfriend knows how to dress for work. Plus, I'm always a fan of her color combinations. She rocks a pencil skirt like no one I've ever met, but I'm more of a circle or a-line skirt kind of gal myself. 

Kate also loves blazers, bright colors, and stripes, three of my very favorite things. I decided on this look because I recently bought this skirt after a very long hunt. Perk? I found it for half off, a mere $25 for this beauty who will see a whole lot of the world outside of my closet. I like Kate's flats in her look, but I'm boot girl, especially during the winter months. I love the ruffles on her shirt, but my red option had no ruffles. The necklace is a fine substitute, yes?

Note: my eyes disappear in many of these photos because my Mom was being ridiculous. My eyes sort of run away when I laugh. 

The Look:
Blazer: Express (so old)
Blouse: LOFT (not a bright red, but the colors for this tie blouse are quite lovely.)
Skirt: New York & Co. (exact)
Necklace: Target 
Belt: Came with another dress 
Tights: The Limited (I love their opaque tights, but I can't find them online. BOO.)
Boots: b.o.c. via DSW (please never let these boots die)

Not sure what my hair is doing over there on the left, but let's just go with it.

(We are perfect together because of his goony smile and my spastic octopus hairs.)

Tomorrow, I'll show you my other parent-teacher conference look. I can't stop laughing at some of the photos for that one. (I will show you these looks even if snow cancels the conferences.)

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  1. This is a great outfit for parent conferences! Even though I don't wear my blazers as much as I probably should, I definitely wear them for parent meetings. Kate's outfit is great, and I really like your version of it with the bold red top!

  2. You are too funny! And I love this skirt. I actually have the exact skirt that Kate has, which I wear all the time, but I still want a flowy one, because I just think it's such a pretty silhouette. Way to score it for a deal!

  3. Such a cute outfit for conferences. Boo for flyaway hairs, you look cute anyway:)

  4. Love this outfit!!! So classy and perfect for conferences! :) good luck with conferences!

  5. I prefer your outfit for conferences. I think the red looks great, and the necklace was the perfect addition. I'll have to use your take for inspiration in the near future :)

  6. This is perfect for teacher conferences! I love black/white outfits with just one item with color. Red is a great choice! It shows confidence while making you look approachable and friendly. Great use of such a bright color!

  7. Such a great look!! I love the stripes! Thanks for linking up

  8. Great re-creation. You totally made it your own. I have the same look pinned from Kate. I am loving this Style Swap series. Let me know if you ever want to do a swap with me. =)

  9. I used to have the same striped pencil skirt that Kate has, but I got rid of all my pencil skirts when I realized they made me look ridiculous. Instead, I have been on the hunt for some great a-line skirts...and yours is perfect! I'm going to hope that it stays available at NY&C until March, because I'm still going strong with my "no shopping in February" rule...


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