Friday, February 28, 2014

Preppy with Puppies & Trendy Tuesday Announcement

What will brighten your Friday more than my face? I'll tell you: my parents' puppies. Although Rudy magically found a way to poop on top of his crate, and they both love rasorially digging at the crotch of my pants, I submit to their cuteness. Let's be honest: my outfit is cute, but these pups are cuter.

(Note: rasorial means "characterized by scratching at the ground, especially for food." I told you that I'd throw some vocabulary your way every day.)

As for next Tuesday, the theme, as chosen by one of the best-dressed males in our building, is "Gingham and Cords." Now, do remember that Trendy Tuesday's "rules" are very loose. You can choose gingham and cords, or you can wear just one of the two. We try to leave enough room for everyone to find a way to participate.

Here is what gingham looks like. I'm already cooking up some ideas. Depending on the weather, I'll probably stick with just gingham, but maybe I'll double up. Who knows!? It's anyone's guess.

This morning, my co-teacher and I taught our first and second periods in the computer lab. While I was down there, I drank from a water bottle that I thought was mine; however, when I returned to the classroom at the beginning of third period, I saw that my water bottle was still on my desk. "OH NO!" I internally exclaimed. Okay, okay, if I'm being honest, I really thought, "Oh, shit. WHOSE water bottle was that? What if I drank from a kid's water bottle? Ewww, what if they have scabies? Oh my gosh, I'm doing to die." Because, you know, that's how normal people think. Later, I told my co-teacher who informed me that she was pretty sure that water bottle was hers. Man, what a relief. I almost ate soap.

Sammy is the one with perked up ears (on the right). 
Rudy is the squirmy one on the left.

The Look:
Blazer: New York and Company--similar
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger outlet (does anyone shop there still? Well, I do.)--similar
Belt: "vintage" (it's Mom's from back in the day)--similar
Jeans: The Limited--same?
Flats: Rock and Republic via Kohl's--similar

You cannot see my face, but you can see theirs, so this picture is worth it.

I call this my "if Paris Hilton actually wore clothes and were being stalked by the paparazzi who couldn't believe she was wearing clothes" picture.

I considered a necklace or something, but I decided to keep it simple.
I just like the color palette here.

Clearly, I said something so witty that I rocked my head back in amusement.

What? You didn't think I'd deliver a normal picture?

I also wore the flats this way...

And here are some gingham looks for you...
(Look! There's the red belt again!)

Also, I am wearing gingham and cords in this last picture. I have a "cold weather" idea for Tuesday!

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  1. How cute are your puppies! Love your classic prep look


  2. Cutest puppies ever! Loving this preppy outfit. I love anything preppy though :) Totally cracking up about the water bottle story. I think I may have eaten soap too, lol!

  3. OMGSH these puppies are just the cutest--and I won't lie--I laughed out loud about how one of them pooped on the top of their crate :) And your outfit is totally adorable! I think my favorite gingham is the last picture--but hell you look good in them all!


  4. You look so polished and put together, I would have freaked ou about the water too.

  5. You and your rasorial self made me laugh once again. Your students should consider themselves lucky that you are their teacher: pretty, stylish, smart and super funny.

    And guess what I have planned to wear for tomorrow: Cords + Gingham. I got out some neglected pants and ironed them to wear tomorrow. =) Your trendy Tuesdays must be rubbing on me before even knowing.

    Last but not least ADORABLE PUPPIES & ADORABLE PREPPY BLONDE. =) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love puppies and I love vocab words, so this is pretty much the best post ever! Also, a blue/white gingham shirt is on my wish list. Maybe I will need to go shopping this weekend! I have a navy/lighter blue one, but I don't like it that much.

  7. Oh my goodness, those puppies are adorable. I would not be able to leave them to go back home. Such utter cuteness!

    As I was reading the water bottle story, I was afraid you had drank a kid's water bottle. For some reason, that scares me more than an adult coworker. Why that is, I couldn't tell ya.

    I really like the color palette you have going on in this outfit! Those shoes are adorable!! The way everything in your outfit matches the shoes makes you look so polished and put together. Was that your intention? That was your intention wasn't it? Cause you're just cool like that.

  8. AH SO CUTE! And the puppies are adorable too =) A lot of people don't know what gingham is. I know because every time I tell someone that my wedding colors will be navy gingham and lilac they have no idea what I mean. I started keeping an example on my phone. Also, I'd already looked up your word of the day before seeing that you had defined it for us *pushes up glasses with pointer finger.

  9. Super cute puppies! Also, I'm always looking for new ways to wear my oatmeal (light tan, whatever) blazer-- I never thought of pairing it with a light blue button up, but this works wonderfully. I was actually planning on wearing my gingham again soon, so the link up is a great opportunity!

  10. PUPPIES! Everyone in my life teases me because of how dog-crazy I am (seriously, picture how much in love you were with BSB or NSYNC back in the day and multiply it by 100...that's how much I love dogs), but I just can't help it. I'm much more of a big dog lover, but dang, those pups are darling. Their little faces and noses kill me!

    As for your outfit, I completely love the color palette going on here - those shoes are a perfect accent piece :)

    Also...for Trendy Tuesday...I don't have any gingham - would you believe that?! Who am I? Can I even consider myself a style blogger if I don't have gingham?! Oy. I may have to see if I can pull out my cords...and see if I can pull them onto my body since I'm not sure if they fit me. I'm going to cross my fingers so I can participate again!

    PS. Were you more of an NSYNC or a BSB fan? I need to know if we can take our friendship to the next level, hahaha.


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