Thursday, February 27, 2014

Google+, you make me vertiginous. (And I rhymed.)

I hunted for a long time to find the "perfect" floral skirt, which is why I paid full price ($36) when I found this one at Francesca's. I am in love with the colors, the length does not make me feel like a hoochie at work, and I think it works perfectly for colder months (thank you, navy background) and warmer months (hello, brightly colored flowers). Of course, this skirt screams "WEAR ME!" so loudly and proudly that I would pay no mind to the season. Just give me my tights. 

Yes, I wore these booties again. Can you blame a girl? Well, you could, but I would ignore you.

Is anyone else beginning to resent her boots? I look at those little buttholes (WHY does autocorrect keep trying to turn that word into "buttonholes?!") and think, "Sure, you're pretty, but I'm getting sick of your faces. I miss my flats. I miss my feet. I haven't painted my toes in months because if I am going to waste my time, it will be spent filling three online shopping carts at once without buying anything. It will not be spent painting my toes that never see the light of day. 

As I look at these pictures, I realize I should have worn a scarf or a necklace. Meh, whatever. Let's allow the skirt to do the talking. Shall we?

The Look:
Sweater: J.Crew Factory (I can't believe I typed that. Here is the exact one.)
Skirt: Francesca's (how pretty is this one?)
Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's (mom bought 'em!)
Booties: Ninewest via Piperlime (size 6.5 left)
Jacket: Wilson's Leather outlet

I am beginning to feel like my posts are just not the same without at least one ridiculous candid shot. Could I compile them all into an "outtakes" post. Sure. However, I need to pour a little sunshine into your life in every single post

Mom asked me to take off my coat to showcase my pretty sweater, and I was none too pleased. Aren't moms supposed to tell you to put your damn jacket back on, not take it off? THANKS, MOM.

Also, can we talk about the creepiness that is Google+ for a moment? 
I want to know why Google+ thinks I wish for a flip-book-style picture of myself.
And why did it choose only two pictures? 
I do not understand how this picture selection process works.
It's making me vertiginous
(It means dizzy.)


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P.S. I am completely confused by this. Seriously, I want to know who comes up with this crazy shit? (Forgive the language, but I felt it necessary.)


  1. You crack me up and I enjoy reading your posts! I love that you aren't always so serious. This is the perfect floral skirt and I would have paid full price too. Never thought I would say this, but yes, I am resenting my boots (those little buttonholes)!

  2. I don't think you need a scarf or necklace, I like how the skirt speaks for itself. Also, the skirt reminds me of my navy floral dress, so of course, you know I love it. AND WHAT THE HECK are those knickles??? No. No. NO.

  3. I can't decide if the real problem is boots or if it's the weather. Either way, I like your boots. And the entire outfit. It's what I look forward to wearing once the temps heat up, but can't bring myself to wear when it's single digits outside. Also, Google+ annoys me so much. It's always trying to get in my business. I miss simpler times.

  4. Hilarious! The skirt is perfect on its own and that sweater is the perfect color.

  5. I love this skirt! It reminds me of the navy/pink floral print that Target had last year. I have the top, but I really wanted the skirt and never found it in my size on sale. And yeah, I'm tired of boots. I love my boots, but I miss my other shoes.

    Also, I don't really do Google+. I have an account, but I don't understand it. I think I even have friends. I'm really not great at social media.

  6. Okay reading Andi's comment, I am so glad that I am not the only one. I do not understand Google+ even a little bit. Oh someone added me to their cirlce, that's nice, what does that mean!? I feel like an old geezer when I look at Google+! But I DO understand that this is the cutest skirt! Love the whole look.

  7. i love this skirt. definitely worth full price. and yes, as much as i love my booties, i am starting to hate them a little too!

  8. Hahah hoochie....are you a teacher? If so I know what you mean about dresses and skirts being a certain length...I always try to mix my weekend clothes with work hard though...

  9. I actually knew what vertiginous meant because it comes from the word vertigo. Anyway, that skirt is super cute. I have a similar one I bought last Summer for ten bucks so of course I am pinning this and copying it.

    Your sharp tongue is just as important as your stylish outfits to me. You crack me up and this blog has become A DAILY READ. Your comment about the Teddy Bear was hilarious. But you know I will never let him have the spotlight because I am one shallow, vain, stupid fashion blogger. Isn't that what we are supposed to be anyway? =P

    1. And Google+ can kick my Ass. Let's pretend that I rhymed LOL.

  10. I love that skirt. Super cute!! And great choice of top to pair it with :)

    By the way, a new post is up on the blog. I’d love for you to swing by:

  11. How on earth did I miss this?? That skirt is super adorable! When you find the perfect skirt, you must buy it, especially when it's screaming so loudly (and rudely might I add.) I am loving your new J. Crew sweater. Such a fun color while still keeping you cozy. Great look Danielle! I mean, like you've ever worn anything less than great.

  12. HAHAHA KNINCKLES! What the heck?!

    Also, I'm completely head-over-heels in love with this skirt, Danielle. I used to read Clothed Much, and back in the early days, Elaine had this suuuuper cute floral skirt with a navy background and pink/yellow flowers that I was absolutely smitten with. Ever since then, all I've wanted was to get myself a similar skirt, but I haven't been able to find one yet! I'm still on the hunt. In the meantime, I'll just stare at yours. K? K.

    OH! I, too, am so sick of my boots. Every time I go into my closet to get shoes out for the day, my flats and sandals are staring at me and all I want to do is run around outside with bare feet and painted toenails (I'm weird and HATE the look of unpainted toenails on myself so I keep those babies painted 365 days a year) and wear my wedges and sandals and flats without losing feeling in my toes. Sigh. [I'm fully aware that that sentence was a run-on, and I don't even care.]

  13. Okay, I just found your blog tonight and I swear it's already my favorite!! You are so funny, I have been laughing and laughing! I read your post with the link about the Haribo bears, and I was laughing so hard I couldn't read the next line in the review! Then, I'd calm down enough to read it and be crying laughing again. I love that you linked to that! I am so glad I found your blog!


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