Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trendy Tuesday Theme & Cobalt is Everyone's Friend

No, really, if cobalt were just a kid in a neighborhood and not a color on the spectrum, then he'd be friends with everyone. He gets along with everyone and he makes people look good just by being next to him. I don't know why I made blue a boy, but I guess I'm being sexist...colorist? Are you still following? Anyway, I originally tried on this outfit with hunter green pants, but I changed things up at the last minute. Boy, am I glad. Cobalt skinnies for the win!

Also, I hope you will join my colleagues and me tomorrow by participating in Trendy Tuesday. Seeing as how snowstorms have slammed half of our country recently, our very fitting theme is winter whites and lights. Per usual, the theme is loose, so interpret it as you see fit! If you post on Instagram, tag me (@likewo) and throw in a little #trendytuesday action.

Note: I was wearing a white scarf with this outfit, but I GOT SO HOT in the mall that my neck glared at me and said, "you put that scarf back on, and you'll be sorry." I take heed of what my neck says.

The Look:
Boots: Madden Girl
Pants: Celebrity Pink via Boscov's
Striped Top: LOFT (gift from Momma)
Cardigan & Belt: Old Navy

Stiiiill working on those awkward hands of mine...

That one hair taunts me.
The many faces of my cobalt bottoms...

with black, gold, and pink

with gray and purple

with orange and lace...

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  1. Love it! Cobalt is definitely everybody's friend, it's such a perfect color!

  2. Ooooh I love cobalt! Actually, I am wearing it on my blog today! It is the perfect color to try out without it being too bright. I love it with that striped shirt!

  3. Such a great outfit today! These skinny jeans are perfect on you.

  4. Yep, cobalt is a great color! You look great in those jeans too. Now heading off to Instagram to find you!

  5. I love cobalt! I agree - it goes with pretty much everything. AND I've already got my post scheduled for tomorrow featuring my white jeans, so I'll be able to join in on the trendy Tuesday fun!

  6. I've tried on more cobalt skinnies than any other pair of colored jeans and sadly, have not found a pair that fit right. I like that they're still blue like regular jeans but just a bit brighter and more fun. Although it won't be on the blog tomorrow, I could totally wear my cobalt blue blazer to work and put the picture on instagram to be part of your Trendy Tuesday if that's ok!

  7. I had a huge thing for cobalt last year! And it's still one of my more prevalent colors in my closet. It looks great on everyone!


  8. I agree Cobalt would be everyone's best friend. I finally have some Cobalt pants and a skirt but I want a Blazer badly. Your outfit is cute and chic.

  9. Those pants are so fantastic! I definitely need some more cobalt in my life!

  10. Love cobalt! I had skinnies and I just added a skirt and cardigan to my wardrobe. So jealous of your stylish mom. She always buys you such cute stuff :)


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