Friday, February 21, 2014

Style Swap with Lauren (and Trendy Tuesday Announcement)

This style swap might technically be cheating because I picked out Lauren's outfit based on clothes I knew she had. (Blogging is a fancy word for "legalized stalking.") Anyway, Lauren wanted me to wear my mustard blazer. She suggested a cute outfit, but it was a horrific failure on my part. I couldn't make it work. I am purple + mustard deficient (Kate thinks I'm crazy), and I can not pattern mix like Ginny. Since I knew Lauren liked my mustard blazer, and I loved how the outfit I picked for her looked, I snagged it for myself. Who knew a blue and white striped shirt could be so versatile? 
Okay, everyone knew it. Whatever.

My issue is that I'm not wearing a necklace, and it bothers me. Don't worry. I remedied the problem after I saw the pictures. 

I plan to recreate this outfit with white skinny jeans. I just realized that Lauren wanted me to wear my white skinny pants, but it was too cold for heels. I totally could have worn these boots with my white jeans. Where is my brain?

One of my favorite friends who shares my passion for fashion is turning 30 today. I love you, Amy! In middle school, Amy and I bought matching olive green velvet blazers. We both wish they still existed because we would totally rock them. For the past two Thanksgivings, when she came down from Boston, we went out for normal Black Friday shopping. This year, we're thinking about visiting a cute, fun, downtown shopping area. I'm pretty fond of this tradition we've got going for us.

Tomorrow is Momma duke's birthday, so feel free to send her some love in the comments. She reads my blog :) Oh, and I'm taking her for a massage tomorrow because I know she won't buy them for herself, and I know she won't go unless I'm getting one, too. Thank you for being such a beautiful person. Thanks in large part to you, I am comfortable in my own skin. I love you, Momma. 

The Look:
Blazer: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom
Jeans: The Limited
Boots: Steve Madden
Belt: New York & Co.
Shirt: H&M

I also wore my mustard blazer this way...and other ways that never
made it to the blog. Oops.

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TRENDY TUESDAY (2/25): Boots
In honor of one of our male colleagues who wears his cowboy boots quite often, we chose this theme for him because he always wants to participate in Trendy Tuesday but doesn't think he "can." 
Here's to you, my favorite math teacher. 


  1. LOVE the mustard blazer :) You both look great in your outfits :) I love taking something from inspiration and making it my own! Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. I love this and wish I had a mustard blazer! So funny, you, me, AND Jenn all style swapped Lauren's outfit. Pure craziness. You look adorable here.

  3. Cute! Mustard looks great on you! And boots for next week - YES! I can do that!

  4. So it looks like this outfit you chose for me was quite popular! I wish I could take credit for it but it's all you so THANK YOU! It's so flattering seeing people copying my outfits.
    Yay for the mustard blazer!! It's just so bright and cheerful and fun. I totally understand you not wanting to wear heels when it's cold. Save that for a warmer spring day :) This outfit turned out really well! If I had a mustard blazer, I'd totally copy you copying me copying your outfit idea. Phew!
    Happy birthday to your Momma!

  5. Unfortunately I cannot see anything but the last photo of your printed B+W Pants with the Mustard Blazer, which is an amazing Outfit BTW. The other images say "Upgrade to Plus for additional bandwidth" a message from Photobucket. I saw Lauren's Outfit in both Ginny's & Jenn's Blogs today too so I would have loved to see your take on it. But I cannot see the photos. =(

  6. Aww and Happy Birthday to your Mamma!! You always talk so fondly of her so I am happy you mentioned it's her BDay. You ladies have a Fab day tomorrow!!

  7. I love your mustard version of the look, and I also adore it with your printed pants!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. I vow to you right now that I am going to participate in Trendy Tuesdays this week. It's happening. I reallllly like today's outfit - navy and mustard always look so sharp together!! Happy birthday to your mom as well! She and my brother share a birthday!! :)

  9. Aw I hope Momma WoWe Photographer has a happy birthday!
    I love the mustard and navy combo. I may have to style swap you again :)

  10. Love the blazer. It fits you so well too!

  11. Love this outfit!!! Very good recreation!! :) love that yellow blazer!!! Happy Birthday to your momma and enjoy the massage!!! :)

  12. I think it is safe to say that we all loved this oufit! lol Your take is adorable! Thanks so much for linking up with the Style Swap!

  13. Oooh I love the mustard cardigan! I really do. I think the whole outfit is top notch :)

    Also, you are ridiculously photogenic.


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