Monday, February 24, 2014

Better than Pajamas

Do not forget that tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday theme is "Give Your Trendy Tuesday the Boot," which means you need to don a pair of boots. I am actually unearthing a pair that I have yet to wear this winter! Of course, once you see them, you will wonder why I neglected them for so long. If you participate in Trendy Tuesday on your blog, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail ( that you participated! I would love to see your Trendy Tuesday in action. If you can participate only on Instagram, add me (@likewo) and hashtag that ish (#trendytuesday). I'll surely send some love your way.

Today's outfit does a lot of talking. It might be one of my favorites. It's a maxi skirt meets a flannel shirt. Umm, I couldn't sneak any closer to wearing pajamas without actually wearing pajamas. The flannel shirt is a recent J.Crew (*GASP*) purchase. Hanging all by itself in my size, 40% off, and a teacher's discount on top of that? $25 later and this bad boy had to come home with me. I mean, come on, I have bottoms (or shoes) in EVERY color of this shirt. Plus, the husband convinced me to buy it. When he approves of a purchase, it is most definitely worthy.

OH, and even crazier? He loves the dude stuff at J.Crew. As he strutted around the store in his grease-covered jeans and Old Navy Iron Man shirt, he picked out some of the most dashing items in J.Crew. There might be hope for him yet. (I am still not sure I can trust him wearing such pretty things without killing them, but baby steps have been made.) Hey, at least he evolved from the Italian Stallion shirt? Okay, I threw away the shirt. A dude reaches a certain age when shirts like that just need to die a fiery death. Call me a spirit crusher, if you will.

The Look:
Necklace: gift (from Momma, duh)
Shirt: J.Crew (I can't believe I'm typing that.)
Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters outlet
Belt: Came with a skirt
Sunglasses: gift (from Momma--I know they're LOFT)

I also wore the skirt these ways:

(LOOK! I broke out of the black, white, and maroon color scheme!)

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  1. This outfit is perfection! And bonus points for pajama-like work wear! I have commandeered most of Jim's old juvenile tshirts to wear as pajama tops. Now I've got a sizable collection of wildly inappropriate, but super comfy and worn-in sleep tees.

  2. I love outfit pieces I can wear over and over :) I love all of the looks. Visiting from #fundaymonday. Rachel Xx

  3. haha your comment made me smile- I actually thought I would fall at some point. My hubby actually rolled his eyes a few times while taking pictures because I was so proud of myself for wearing them. :) Hubbies will never understand right?

  4. Danielle, This look is fantastic! ! Can we just swap outfits for a day? K thanks.

    That flannel is super bright and pretty and goes so well with your skirt! I almost chose that for the style swap. I'm wearing a maxi shirt and tshirt today because, can-wear-in-public-but-as-comfy-as-jammies maxi skirts for the win.

    I totally meant to join in trendy tuesday on the blog but the way the series worked out, I won't be wearing boots until Wednesday. Planning fail. I will link up on instagram though with my work outfit :)

  5. I love that you broke out of your pattern, and opted for a patterned shirt. ba-dum-ch. (that drum noise to emphasize funny-ness) Once upon a time, I had to return something at J. Crew Factory and my husband went with me (to make sure I only returned and didn't buy anything, and b/c we were going to dinner after), and on our way out the door, he said "I can see why you like this store." I don't know why, but it made me go "aw". But it's really the 40% off + teacher discount that makes me like the store even more. So can we talk about the great deal you got on that shirt? And how it fits you so much better than that monstrosity of a gingham shirt from JCF? (Okay, monstrosity is an exaggeration, but whatevs.) Plus it looks sooo comfy and soft.

  6. This must be your best outfit yet. I love both the maxi skirt and your new flannel button-up. I barely own anything from J.Crew too, but it's funny because yesterday on the blog I also wore one of my only pieces. And I also mentioned you and Trendy Tuesday because I am wearing boots, duh. I did the same thing last week with your Trendy Tuesday Winter Whites & Brights. Did you see it?

  7. I love the color of that skirt...AND it goes wonderfully with your shirt! I can totally relate to what you're talking about with Jeff and his tees. Kevin still pretty much dresses like a high school/college boy on the weekends...most of what he'll wear are tees with skulls or zombies on them and then a zip up hoodie over it. And Chucks - always. I've helped him fine-tune his work wardrobe though - I've finally got him loving blazers, dark-wash jeans (as opposed to his previous favorite light-wash dad jeans), and colorful button ups.

    Men - sigh.


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